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Entrepreneurship - A Mindset Game


The variety across Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM) assessments shows that EM is a multi-faceted concept comprised of a wide range of characteristics, skills, and/or attitudes. There’s a growing consensus that it is feasible and desirable to engage students in experiences that develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and that doing so will better prepare them for success. All they need is a positive attitude and willingness to put their energies into building a new company.
This one-day course is ideal for students and first-time entrepreneurs who are ready to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey. The event will be based both on taught module and as well as some interesting activities/hands on practice which will cover different important aspects of business startups.
Attendees of the workshop will also learn how to form new startup teams based on their entrepreneurial skills and will be guided through an intense process where they will learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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  • Business Idea Creation
  • Entrepreneurial Planning
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Entrepreneurial Confidence
  • Promoting and Triggering Attitude,Skills and Behaviors
  • Initiative and Self-direction


After attending this workshop, participants will have in-depth knowledge on:

  • Exploring ways to start their own enterprise
  • Learning how to be innovative and efficient while dealing with limited time and resources
  • Learning how to be creative, practical and work in a team
  • Time management


This workshop is designed for all backgrounds and majors, especially those with interests in setting up new venture or expansion in existing venture, and professionals who seek to understand what the entrepreneurial mindset is and its key processes are about. Topics introduced in this workshop are relevant for future founders of enterprises, as well as the future employees of an independent startup. Management students and teachers are encouraged to take this course and be a part of technology startup team.

This workshop is ideal learning experience for:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Growing Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
  • Students
  • Part-time Entrepreneurs
  • Subject Enthusiasts
Dr. Tariq Picture Faculty - Dr. Tariq Ahmed
Associate Professor & Dean
Faculty of Management Sciences

Dr. Tariq Ahmed is an Associate Professor and Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences BUITEMS, Quetta. He received his Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from University of Malaya in Malaysia. He has taught courses in Entrepreneurship, Statistics, and Research Methods at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is currently supervising numerous students at the MS and PhD levels. He is a trained Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis instructor having attended trainings by Professor Joseph Hair (University Sains Malaysia) and Professor Ramayah, at university of Malaya.

Over the years entrepreneurship and strategic management became his passion. Dr. Tariq is a trainer and consultant in the field of Entrepreneurship Development. His workshops and presentations illustrate how to become even more successful by using a creative approach to business. Tariq explains how best to use creative business models, competitive advantage, strategic marketing, and profitable growth strategies. He speaks about the viability of business ideas, business growth, marketing and promotion, international business and other subjects relevant to businesses. Dr. Tariq is also founder of Academy of Research and Development PLT, and Mooms Food.

He has extensive research experience using a wide range of statistical packages, which includes but is not limited to SPSS, SEM AMOS and SEM Smart PLS. His articles have been accepted and published in top-ranked and reputable journals such as International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, Entrepreneurship Research Journal, Educational Studies, International Journal of Institutions and Economies and Global Review of Business and Economic Research.

For further details contact:

S. Hasan Hashmi
Professional Development Centre
DHA Suffa University
021 35858610, 0345-2183952
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