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Facilities at DSU

To make the students time at DSU as enjoyable and productive as possible, there are a range of services and support programs to enhance their learning, career prospects, lifestyles and well being.  DSU offers to students a safe, secure and smoke-free environment with campus-wide WiFi connectivity.

IT Services

DSU has state-of-the-art IT infrastructure available to students and faculty alike, creating an enabling environment for effective learning. The technologies are the latest based on the principles of Cloud Computing. Students are facilitated by the DSU Portal, where they can get instant access to information pertinent to them. Also the DSU Learning Management System allows students to access teaching material and submit their assignments online. Computing facilities include campus-wide wifi-connectivity allowing interaction between students and faculty members round the clock. The Computer Labs have computing devices providing an exceptional computing experience to the students, where software for their educational needs is readily available.

Career Services & Corporate Relations

The Career Services & Corporate Relations (CS&CR) department at DSU aims to achieve top of the mind recall among top employers with respect to their resource requirements. The department maximizes opportunities of DSU graduates through technological/ process innovations and by developing strong corporate linkages. The vision is to develop a capable and conscientious leadership for tomorrow.

At Career Services the above is achieved by using a set of strategically designed tools:

    • The DSU Internship Program: Professional internships have been instituted at DSU to bridge the gap between classroom & real life learning. Career services assists the employers in accessing a ready pool of final year students who are ready to apply their skills in board-room situations.
    • Graduate Directory: Graduate profiles of all academic programs at DSU are showcased in and as the Annual Graduate Directory, for prospective employers with respect to recruitment. The GD enables employers to shortlist candidates from an available pool of skillful graduates, as per their specific criteria.
    • DSU Job / Placement Boards: Career Services uses job placement boards for sharing resource requirements, received from potential employers, with the eligible students. These online and offline job portals allow our students/ graduates to access the employer and apply as per their qualification and experience relevant to the given eligibility criteria. These portals are aimed at bridging the information gap between the students and the job market.
    • On-Campus Recruitment Drives: Career Services invites organizational partners to acquire and retain the best talent by providing assistance in conducting the on-campus recruitment activities such as such as tests(written /online), interviews, resume collection and company specific presentations for familiarizing the students with a company’s hiring policies and procedures and share available opportunities and address their individual queries.
    • Employer Branding Sessions: Career Services provides potential employers the opportunity to showcase themselves and the career-alleviating opportunities with them by conducting an exclusive ‘Employer Branding Session’. An EBS session typically has the HR team giving information on the history, products/services, career options and the recruitment process of the organization while also addressing concerns of the students.
    • The Annual DSU Career Fair: Top employers and human resource consultants are invited at the annual career fair to interact with potential interns and fresh recruits, from various degree programs, at both graduate and post-graduate levels who attend in large numbers. Organizations use this event as an opportunity to collect CV, conduct interviews and carry out targeted recruitment activities directly with the students.
    • Leadership Development Workshops: The Career Services department conducts graduate development sessions coaching teaching the students transferable skills that make them more viable candidates for the job market. The workshops are about nonacademic skills such as online job search, interview management, power dressing, emotional intelligence, managing the body language, working in productive teams, speed networking and self-branding. These workshops are conducted by professionals having extensive corporate experience and provide the students with a boardroom perspective, valuable practical tips and a unique networking opportunity with industry gurus.

The Career Services & Corporate Relations Team: Ms. Erum S. Khan – Director

Tel: +9221 35244853-54 Ext:115 Direct: +9221 35244869

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic Advising

DSU provides academic guidance to all students throughout their academic stay at the university. All permanent faculty members act as student advisors. Responsibilities of student advisors include advising students with the general adjustments to university life and semester system, informing and explaining course registrations, implications of credit transfers, attendance policy, and withdrawal from courses. Additionally, the student advisor serves as a resource person for university information and guiding students to meet graduation requirements. 

Although students are assigned student advisors, it is the students’ responsibility to know their degree requirements, various deadlines or information announced through notices placed on campus notice boards. For any clarification, query or problem relating to any academic matter which may not be resolved at the HOD level, the student may contact the Dean of the concerned Faculty.


The self-service cafeteria at DSU offers a variety of food and snacks to students and staff in a hygienic and relaxing environment. It also acts as a hub for student interaction and activity.


Transport facility is also available for DSU students commuting from certain central locations of the city. This service is provided by transporters contracted by the university.

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation is available to male students looking for a secure and peaceful environment for study and boarding. Food and other related amenities are provided to hostel dwellers.

Safety & Security

Security and safety is ensured by the trained security staff of DHA that remain on surveillance round the clock.

Prayer Area

DSU equally values the diversity of religious beliefs and convictions held by its students and staff. In an effort to facilitate students and staff separate praying areas for men and women are available to students and employees throughout the day.

Auditorium And Conference Room

A state-of-the-art conference room and a spacious auditorium is available for students to organize seminars, conferences and other co-curricular activities on the DSU campus.

Sports Facilities

Students regularly take advantage of sports facilities available to them for basketball, volleyball, table tennis and other indoor games. Also DSU frequently sponsors the participation of its students in inter-university sports and extra-curricular competitions.

Girls Common Room

The Girls Common Room is conveniently located close to the Cafeteria, to allow female students a place to relax and retire or offer prayers in privacy.

Medical facilities

Medical care is available in case of emergency through a visiting medical doctor and DHA Medical Center.

DHA Medical Center: https://www.dhakarachi.org/facilities/about-dha-medical-center.aspx

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

Facilities at DSU

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