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Sessions on High Voltage Engineering

On June 25 and 26, 2018, the Department of Electrical Engineering at DHA Suffa University organized a two-day lecture series on High Voltage Engineering to equip students with the knowledge of high-voltage techniques and phenomena.

Dr. Mohsin Ali Tunio (Assistant Professor and HoD Electrical Engineering, MUET) who holds a PhD in High Voltage Engineering discussed the internal dynamics of High Voltage Engineering. Engr. Kafeel Ahmed (Senior Lecturer, DHA Suffa University) and Engr. Rooh Ul Amin (Lecturer, DHA Suffa University) also delivered lectures on High Voltage Engineering. The topics covered in the lecture series included electrical breakdown fundamentals, electrical breakdown in solids, liquids and gases, introduction to insulating materials, applications of insulating materials to power apparatus, insulation coordination in electrical power systems, generation and measurement of high voltages and currents and non-destructive tests.

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