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Effective Planning and Control In Garment Industry


Garment Production and Textile Manufacturing are both classified as light industry while they meet the basic needs of the mankind. The Garment Production is consist of simple but numerous detailed operations done by manual man power & handling which can easily be slowed down & operated inefficiently. The reason of bottlenecks and inefficiencies can be determined and avoided after real & careful analysis, with the implementation of sustainable solutions. We must analyze; a) The character of resources, both structure wise & physical, b) Section wise executions on time and at sufficient quantities c) Balance and flow of raw/semi-produced materials. As well as accessories by the use of correct practical methods and application of supporting systems. In addition to these measurable and noticeable causes we must detect the effects of mistakes and errors done / or occurred during processes due to weak / ineffective managerial applications like planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling at every stage of processing steps by the people in charge. If these can be done systematically and continuously then we can talk about achievements towards improving the efficiency.

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  • Resources & capacities & capacity utilization?
  • The characteristics of resources and effects on efficiency.
  • Garment Making process steps / critical limitations / avoid delayed shipments.
  • How Methods & Management can help us to improve inefficiency and find solution to the bottlenecks.
  • For increase of efficiency where & how we must take precautions?
  • How to control cost factors & give priority for higher profitability?
  • Social compliance for garment exports to global brands like, Ralph Lauren, Zara group, H&M etc.


This program is relevant for::

  • All level of managers in garment production of woven, knit, outer, inner, sportswear, denim-wear, for children, men & women.
  • Managers who wants to find out how to enhance productivity, efficiency & profitability by time management in every supporting department.
  • All Senior Leaders who claims that inefficiency & delayed shipments are two unavoidable facts of garment manufacturing.
  • Who wants to determine the real, simple but not easily detectable causes of efficiency in garment manufacturing.


  • Learn new concepts on productivity, cost control and increasing profitability.
  • They will gain the ability to solve problems according to their own structure and conditions.
  • Education consultants benefit from the experience of interest in the garment sector with specific efficiency and cost control.
  • The participants will be able to describe the general definitions of Production Planning and Control in the Clothing Sector; annual (target profitability, sales capacity, production capacity and costs), product based (from counter to sample loading), production based (specifying deviations in time and labor cost in each process).
  • They will also learn how to prepare plans. In addition, they will have the knowledge to develop the tables that need to be prepared for the control and to use them to provide efficiency in the production and they will be able to develop their skills in this subject with the sample applications to be done.
Mr. Hasan Talat Donmez Faculty - Hasan Talat Donmez

HASAN TALAT DONMEZ is a consultant, strategist, leadership expert and trainer who has been transforming
people and processes in various countries around the globe for the past few decades. He joined TÜREV as a freelance
Consultant & Mentor for mainly Managerial levels and gives trainings for Managers in charge in order to help them to
increase their abilities and capabilities of human relations at different levels from White collar to blue collar & how to act
to get the best performance by self planning, self evaluation, day to day follow up and control systems that they can
design & use by themselves in order to increase productivity and profitability of their own company.

He graduated from U.M.I.S.T in 1974 with BSc degree from Polymer & Fiber Science Department as Textile Chemist,
he returned to Turkey and worked in country’s well known sectoral companies Like SASA, Edip İplik in the production
& planning, as Chief of Departments until 1980.

He attended Diploma course in Istanbul University which follows Harvard Business School program of Business
Administration for a year then started work at I.C.I (U.K.) and Sojuzchim export (U.S.S.R.) representatives/agents in
Turkey where he took the responsibility of Technical sales of Textile Dye stuffs and Auxiliaries.


Venue: DHA Suffa University, Off Khayaban-e-Tufail, Ph-VII (Ext.), DHA, Karachi

  • The above fee includes program lunch, refreshments, facilities and equipment
  • Group discounts are also available
  • Since pre-program reading is required, it is strongly advised to send the nomination(s) at least 8 working days prior to the program
  • Preferred mode of payment is by demand draft, pay order or crossed cheque in favor of DHA Suffa University
  • Your participation will be confirmed after receipt of full payment

For further details contact:

S. Hasan Hashmi
Professional Development Centre
DHA Suffa University
021 35858610, 0345-2183952
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