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DHA Suffa University offers Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral programs in Engineering, Computer Science, and Management Sciences. Typically, an Undergraduate degree lasts four years, comprises of 8 semesters and total 139 credit hours. The Master programs may last 2 to 3 years with compulsory and elective course credit hours. Furthermore, PhD programs consist of total course work of 18 credit hours, research thesis: 36 credit hours, proposal defence and thesis defence.

Undergraduate Programs

The following Undergraduate programs are offered at DHA Suffa University:

Master Programs

The following Master programs are offered at DHA Suffa University:

Doctoral Programs

The following Doctoral programs are offered at DHA Suffa University:

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."