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DHA Suffa University Examination Rules are briefly described here for the benefit of current and prospective students. For complete details please refer to DSU statutes or the Student Handbook.

1. Distribution of Marks

Distributions of marks to various segments of the examinations held during the Semester are given as under:

Hourly Tests / Midterm Test 30
Quizzes 10
Assignments 10
End Semester Examination 50
Total 100

Note: As a policy, students are shown marked Answer Copies of their all Examinations.

2. Grading System

DHA Suffa University is to follow absolute grading system in the first few years and will shift to relative grading system subsequently. Letter grades in all courses/subjects awarded at present are based on the total absolute marks obtained by the students. Total marks obtained in a single course will be rounded to nearest whole number. Grading scheme is tabulated as under:

Percentage Grade Grade Point
86-100 A 4.00
80-85 A- 3.67
76-79 B+ 3.33
72-75 B 3.00
68-71 B- 2.67
64-67 C+ 2.50
60-63 C 2.00
57-59 C- 1.67
54-56 D+ 1.33
50-53 D 1.00
Below 50 Below 50 0.00
W Withdrawn  
 I Incomplete  

3. Calculation of GPA & CGPA

GPA = Sum of (Credit Hours x Grade Point) / Sum of Credit Hours
CGPA = Sum of (Credit Hours x Grade Point) of all semester courses / Sum of Credit Hours of all semester courses

4. Disposal of Academically Deficient Students

Promotion of students to next Semester is governed by the Academic Rules. Students of undergraduate program securing CGPA=2.0 and of graduate / Master program securing CGPA=2.5 are promoted to next semester. The rules governing students having academic deficiencies are given below duly translated in tabular form for easy comprehension:


1.5 ≤ CGPA < 2.0


CGPA < 1.5 OR on attaining two consecutive probations*


On earning 3rd Relegation

*NOTE: In case a student has earned Relegation after two consecutive probations, he/ she will be placed on further Relegation if his/her CGPA is not improved to 2.0 or above in the next semester. If the Relegation so earned becomes the third Relegation, student will be withdrawn from the Program.

Rules for probation relegation and withdrawal from the program will not be applicable in the following cases:

a. for courses taken during Summer Semester; or/and

b. when no regular semester is offered as the student is registered in an academic program for which the University only admits students once in a year due to regulatory body restriction. However such students are permitted by the competent authority to enroll few courses in order to improve their CGPA subject to availability of minimum number of students to hold the class.  

5. Degree Awarding Criterion

Criterion for Award of various degree programs is appended below:

(a) Undergraduate Degree Program CGPA  2.0
(b) Master’s Degree Program CGPA  2.5

6. VC/Dean’s Honor List

Based on the SGPA achieved in the Semester Result a student's name is placed in the Honor list as under:

  • VC’s Honor List SGPA = 4.0
  • Dean’s Honor List 3.5 ≤ SGPA < 4.0


Gold Medal Min CGPA 3.5 Awarded to highest CGPA / %age within the same batch
Silver Medal Min CGPA 3.5 Awarded to 2nd highest CGPA / %age within the same batch
Following conditions also apply:  
a. Student must have taken full Semester load throughout.
b. Has no failure (F), repeat, any ‘in complete’ (I), credit transfer, migration, or summer course in his/her credit.
c. Has not been penalized in any disciplinary case.

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

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