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Contact IERC

Makhdoomzada Asadullah Siddiqui - Director IERC
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Tel: (0092)(21)35244853-54 (Ext: 222)

Marium Shamim - IERC Executive
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Tel: (0092)(21)35244853-54 (Ext: 222)

Tatheer Yawar Ali - IERC Executive
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Tel: (0092)(21)35244853-54 (Ext: 208)

DG-78, Off Khayaban-e-Tufail, Ph-VII (Extension)
DHA, Karachi-75500

Germany – My Destination

Germany is the strongest economy and the most populous country in the European Union, of which it is one of the founding states. Germany is a Federal Parliamentary Republic and Angela Merkel became its first female Chancellor in 2005.

Germany has a rich history and is world-famous for its cultural heritage. It is also known as “the country of thinkers and poets” and has produced numerous outstanding philosophers, writers, musicians, scientists, and inventors.

Germany is famous for its technological advancements, love for sports, festivals and great food. It is open-minded, cosmopolitan and is known for its high achievements in the sphere of human rights.

Higher Education in Germany

German education is known throughout the world for excellence and for the range of opportunities it offers. Here are some of the benefits of studying at a German university:

1. ZERO tuition fee and MINIMAL service fee.

2. LOW living costs.

3. HIGH Quality academic degrees. All universities in Germany have high education standards and offer the best quality academic degrees.

4. MANY Innovative and interdisciplinary Bachelor & Master degree programs

5. LUCRATIVE Job opportunities after graduation. Job prospects worldwide in many fields with a German degree and German language.

6. ATTRACTIVE Settlement regulations. Germany offers 18 months of a job seeking visa after your graduation.


1. What is a Studienkolleg?

If your school-leaving certificate (higher education entrance) is not recognized for admission in Germany due to some differences in the Pakistani and German educational systems, you have to participate in a Studienkolleg (Foundation Year). The foundation year includes German language teaching as well as tuition in core subject areas, depending on what you want to study.

2. What language certificates are required from universities?

If you are to attend a Studienkolleg (Foundation Year), your German language skills need to be at the B1/B2 level. Universities require at least C1 level or, if you did not attend Studienkolleg, the DSH or the Test DaF certificates. DSH has to be taken at a university while Test DaF can be gained at Eurasia Institute for International Education (EIIE).

3. Am I allowed to work while studying in Germany?

Non-EU students can work 120 full-days or 240 half-days per year.

4. How much does it cost to study in Germany?

Most universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees for undergraduate students. You only have to pay a semester fee, varying between 70 to 300 Euros, depending on the institution. Paying this semester fee entitles the student to use all public transport in the city free of charge for the entire semester.

5. How much are the living expenses in Germany?

You will need around 700 Euros a month to cover your living expenses, which include accommodation rent, health insurance, personal expenses, semester fees and education materials etc.

6. Which is the best University in Germany?

There is no best university in Germany. All universities are equal in their quality of education.

7. What is a Blocked Account?

Before you get the permission to study in Germany, you have to prove that you can finance it properly. You must present a proof of financing to the German embassy - that is the so-called blocked account. It is called so because the money you transfer to it is blocked till the day you've arrived in Germany. Once you have arrived in Germany you can withdraw the amount of 670 Euros per month from this account.

To read the FAQs, please visit: 'http://www.dsu.edu.pk/index.php/en/downloads/category/26-german-resource-center'.

Useful Links

EURASIA Institute for International Education: www.eurasia-institute.com

Information about Germany: www.deutschland.de/en

Study in Germany: 






Consulate General of Germany in Karachi: www.karachi.diplo.de

German Language Club

The German Language Club aims at giving you confidence in learning the language. If you want to speak German but are hesitant to take the first step, this is the place to come to. Away from the strict classroom atmosphere, we will help you to learn the basics and to practice what you’ve learnt. You will enjoy expressing yourself in a new language and make new friends.

German Film Club

Film is a reflection of the society and culture. Motion pictures may provide the best evidence of what it is like to walk down the streets of Berlin. Are you curious about German history and lifestyle as well as film studies? Do you want to meet people with similar interests? We are happy to welcome you at our club!

Every session includes an insight into a specific aspect of German culture and a movie screening.

Degree Programs

The German Resource Center at DSU is here to answer your questions about education and life in Germany. Together with EURASIA Institute for International Education (EIIE) we work with a large university network to facilitate eligible students from Pakistan in getting admissions to Bachelor and Master degree programs at German universities. Our professional team will guide you in finding the best study program that suits your qualifications.

Bachelor’s Degree

Requirements for German university entrance at the Bachelors level:

Indirect Access:

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) 
  • Average grade not less than 65% for subjects in the fields of business/economics, engineering, science and humanities. 
  • Average grade not less than 90% for subjects in the field of medicine. 
  • Foundation year (Studienkolleg) 
  • German Language certificate

Direct Access:

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) 
  • 2 successful years of study at a recognized university 
  • German Language certificate 


  • A-levels 
  • German Language certificate

Master’s Degree

A German Master’s degree is a powerful tool if you wish to gain a globally-recognized academic degree and work in a German company after you have graduated.

Requirements for German university entrance at the Masters level:

  • 4 year Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university
  • German Language certificate

For more information, please contact our office.

German Language Course

Studying a foreign language is not only stimulating for your brain, it is also very beneficial for your future career prospects. The following are 3 top reasons for learning German language:

1. German is the most commonly spoken language in Europe and is among the ten most commonly spoken languages globally.

2. German economy is the strongest in Europe and the third largest economy in the world.

3. German is the language of knowledge and innovations as well as art and culture. It is the second language of science. Almost a fifth of all books in the world are published in German and Germany is home to more than 100 Nobel laureates.

Next German language course starts at DSU in Fall Semester 2016. You can start a German course at EURASIA Institute (Berlin) any time of the year.

Summer Camp

You can choose the summer camp theme that suits your interest the best.

The summer camp includes:

  • German classes at beginners or elementary level (A1/A2) 
  • 10 days of activities related to your chosen Summer Camp theme 
  • weekend excursions to Berlin or other cities in Germany or Europe 
  • full-board that will give you an insight into local German and international cuisines 
  • accommodation in a youth hostel 
  • a farewell party

For more details about the summer camp please contact DSU’s German Resource Center.

Our Services

Making a decision about studying abroad is a big step for everybody. Moving to another country can be overwhelming, especially when it happens for the first time. This is why we make sure that our students receive all the necessary support and guidance before and after their arrival in Germany.

Our services include:

Pre-arrival support:

  • Academic counseling
  • Accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Airport transfer
  • Visa support 

Post-arrival support:

  • Welcome seminar
  • Police registration
  • Bank account opening
  • Visa extension
  • University placement
  • Orientation activities
  • Student mentoring

To read the FAQs, please visit: 'http://www.dsu.edu.pk/index.php/en/downloads/category/26-german-resource-center'.

About IERC

The International Education Resource Center (IERC) has been set up with the goal of promoting higher education opportunities in Germany, Turkey, Malaysia and China at DHA Suffa University. It strives to provide an interface for DHA Suffa University’s students to access the study abroad programs of leading international universities. At present, DSU has MoUs with Eurasia Institute for International Education (EIIE-Berlin), Technical University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) Wildau, Germany, Senior Experten Service (SES, Bonn, Germany), AIMST University, Malaysia, Bilkent University, Turkey, Fateh Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, Turkey and Chengdu University, China. The IERC functions as DSU’s International Office and manages all affairs of the University pertaining to the visits of foreign experts and professionals from partner international universities and educational institutions, as well as the participation of DSU’s students and faculty members in various foreign mobility programs. The IERC facilitates students to learn foreign languages and strives to keep students well informed about foreign internship possibilities and scholarships. It is the IERC’s endeavor to foster academic growth and professional development at DSU through strong linkages with international academia and to equip DSU’s students with a ‘skill set’ that shall enable them to thrive in multi-cultural environments and embark on international career paths after their graduation.


The mission of DSU’s IERC is to foster academic growth and professional development at DSU through strong linkages with international academia.


  • To raise awareness of the university community about educational, research and career opportunities in Germany, Malaysia, China and Turkey 
  • To promote and enhance academic cooperation on national and international levels 
  • To develop and implement joint degree programs in collaboration with leading international universities
  • To promote inter-cultural harmony by equipping faculty members and students with cross-cultural competence, needed for working and studying in a multi-cultural environment
  • To offer opportunities for learning Foreign Languages on-campus
  • To equip students with a 'skill set' that shall enable them to thrive in multi-cultural environments and embark on international career paths after their graduation

Managing Staff

Makhdoomzada Asadullah Siddiqui
Makhdoomzada Asadullah Siddiqui holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from NUST, Karachi. Presently, he is serving as the Director of DSU’s IERC, which is responsible for collaborating with foreign universities and facilitating DSU's students to benefit from the higher education opportunities available at leading international universities.

Marium Shamim
Marium Shamim earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Karachi. She is currently pursuing her CMA from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP). She is presently serving as IERC Executive and is responsible for coordination with DSU’s international partners and facilitating students aspiring to complete higher education from foreign universities. She is also actively involved in arranging events relating to promotion of higher education opportunities abroad.

Tatheer Yawar Ali
Tatheer Yawar Ali, currently working as IERC executive at DHA Suffa University, holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from SZABIST, Karachi and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Karachi University. Her major responsibilities as IERC Executive include collaboration and coordination with DSU’s international partners, briefing students about international education opportunities and facilitating them to pursue higher education abroad as well as planning and conducting on-campus seminars and events pertaining to higher education opportunities in Europe, Turkey, Malaysia and China.

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

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