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Master’s Degree Programs - MBA

Mentoring tomorrow’s decision makers

Program Philosophy

The MBA program at DHA Suffa University strives to provide Meta knowledge to analytical minds by promoting critical and reflective thinking in situation analysis & decision making within an environment that nurtures innovative ideas.

Program Objectives

  • To prepare tomorrow’s business strategists and decision makers through interactive facilitation of learning in a practical environment.
  • To stimulate application of conceptual theories on meta-theoretical business situations to bridge the gap between academia and industry.
  • To highlight the need to intertwine business practices with ethics, transparency and accountability to become a role model.

Learning Outcomes

We expect our students to achieve the following:

  • Business Decision Making: Graduates demonstrate ability to perform necessary analysis, diagnose problems, evaluate alternatives and make effective decisions as a result of our case based pedagogy.
  • Critical Thinking: Graduates understand the complexities of business environment and possess the required cognitive skill set to think critically and develop strategies within the limits of available resources.
  • Situation Analysis & Management: Graduates can apply qualitative and quantitative approaches to obtain valuable information and tackle complex business situations utilizing global perspectives to identify and understand significant international and multicultural issues.
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Graduates possess fundamentals skills of creating and managing innovation, new business development, and high-growth potential entities in a highly competitive environment.
  • Social & Ethical Sentience: Graduates exhibit ethical consciousness and understand implications of decisions on society and environment.

Eligibility Criteria

New Plan of Study

MBA 60 Credit Hours (2 Years)

Old Plan of Study

Specialization Streams

Students can specialize in areas of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Management Information System and Supply Chain Management. Each specialization stream requires the student to complete four courses from that field.

DHA Suffa University


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