New Faculty Orientation – Fall 2016

An orientation program for the newly appointed faculty members was held on September 1, 2016 in the conference room. The objective of the program was to help the new faculty transition comfortably into their DSU faculty roles. The program focused on providing the new faculty members with requisite information and familiarity with facilities, policies and technologies of DSU through:

• A welcome address by Dr. Navid Jamil Malik, Director Professional Development Center

• Brief introductions of the new faculty members

• An overview of the DSU policies and regulations by Mr. Syed Mateen Hayder, Registrar

• Explanation of the criteria of quality at DSU by Mr. Akhtar Nadyme, Director Quality Enhancement Cell

• Salient features of the examination systems by Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan, Controller of Examinations

• Introduction to the Professional Development Center by Dr. Navid Jamil Malik, Director Professional Center

• Presentation on the IT infrastructure and facilities by Mr. Immad Uddin, Manager IT (Systems)

• Address by Rear Admiral (R) Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Hussain, TI(M), SI(M), Vice Chancellor

The orientation program culminated with questions and answers and an interactive refreshment session.

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