Quality Assurance Awareness Seminars

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department at DHA Suffa University (DSU) organized a series of sessions on the topic of “Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism and Role of Students” for the students of Mechanical Engineering. This exercise was carried out in cascading of the mission of Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at DSU to educate all of its stakeholders that DSU is committed to ensuring quality as a norm in everything it does. The seminars were delivered by Engr. Hamza Ahmed Qazi, Lecturer ME and Deputy Director QEC (Dy. QEC). The sequences of seminars were conducted for the ME students of 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semester. The plan for the seminars with expected student’s attendance is given below:

BEME-8A – 17th April – Monday – 11:30 – 30 students

BEME-6B – 17th April – Monday – 12:30 – 38 students

BEME-6A – 17th April – Monday – 13:10 – 40 students

BEME-4A – 17th April – Monday – 13:30 – 26 students

BEME-8B – 17th April – Monday – 15:10 – 28 students

BEME-4B – 17th April – Monday – 15:30 – 17 students

BEME-2B – 19th April – Wednesday – 10:30 – 37 students

BEME-2A – 19th April – Wednesday – 11:10 – 32 students

The sessions included:

• The concept of quality control and quality assurance in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs)

• The governing criteria’s for HEIs in Pakistan

• Role of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan in maintaining the quality of education in HEIs

• The eight Quality Standards for Quality Assessment of HEIs by HEC

• The ten Quality Survey Form for quality Assurance in HEIs

• The quality surveys related to students and their importance

• Guidance to fill the surveys for effective quality feedback and improvement

• Quality Assurance Mechanism / Cycle in DSU

• Question and Answer sessions to clarify students’ confusion

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