Quality Assurance Awareness Seminars

Department of Management Sciences

During the second half of March 2017, a series of lectures was conducted for the students of Management Sciences (MS) by Ms. Bushra Mahmood, Assistant Director, Quality Enhancement Cell. The lectures focused on Quality Assurance Awareness and IQA Mechanism at DHA Suffa University. Participants included students from BBA-5 to BBA-8.

The lectures took place as per the following schedule:

BBA-5 – 30th March – Tuesday – 11:00 – 19 students

BBA-6 – 17th March – Friday – 11:00 – 29 students

BBA-7 – 28th March – Thursday – 10:00 – 11 students

BBA-8 – 17th March – Friday – 13:00 – 34 students

The lectures covered an introduction to quality and why quality improvement must be emphasized by the university. The students were briefed about the ranking criteria and maximum scores for each criterion. An overview of the Self-Assessment of Programs was given to help students understand the holistic approach to maintaining quality. The assessment model was then explained and the lectures were kept interactive to encourage participation of students. HEC’s self-assessment criteria was explained in detail which included program’s mission, objectives and outcomes, curriculum design and organization, laboratories and computing facilities, students’ support and advising, process control, faculty, institutional facilities and institutional support. Each of these assessment criterion were discussed to explain how they contribute to achieving quality. The importance of Feedback and Survey Forms was also discussed and how they help with assessment was emphasized.

In the end, the outcomes of assessment were explained to the students. The lectures concluded with question-and-answer sessions.

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