Seminar on Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism

On March 17, 2016, Mr. Akhtar Nadyme, Director QEC, DSU organized a seminar on “Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism and the Role of Faculty Members”. The attendees consisted of faculty members from various departments of DSU.

The seminar was divided into three parts: inputs, processes and outputs. Mr. Nadyme began the seminar by introducing the concept of Self-Assessment Programs. He described the Assessment Model and led the audience through the self-assessment criteria established by the HEC. The criteria included salient inputs, such as curriculum design and organization, student support and advising, process control, institutional facilities and support, etc. The processes and outputs of the Self-Assessment Model were also discussed at length.

The seminar culminated with a question-and-answer session during which faculty members asked questions and expressed their concerns regarding improvement in programs.

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