‘E-Commerce Awareness Session’ – 26th October, 2022

The Office of Alumni Relations, in collaboration with Brakley Learning, organized a special ‘E-Commerce Awareness Session’ by Mr. Usman Akhtar – Owner & Co-Founder of Brakley Learning and a renowned Cross-Border E-Commerce and Amazon Expert. The session took place at DSU’s ELT on Wednesday, 26th October 2022, in which 40+ DSU students participated enthusiastically.

Mr. Usman Akhtar is an Enthusiast Entrepreneur with over eight years of experience in E-Commerce and has launched and managed hundreds of brands/products or companies. Usman has a thorough knowledge of Amazon DROPSHIPPING and is also a mentor for many DROPSHIPPERS.

Mr. Usman Akhtar enlightened the audience with inspiring stories of his successful journey and how he tackled the hurdles at every step. He explained in great detail why and how DSU’s students could build an E-Commerce business from Pakistan on international and national marketplaces. Through the Q&A session, DSU students got valuable feedback on how to start and manage their own E-Commerce business, the best practices in the industry, the best platforms, and much more.  

At the end of this highly interactive session, Pro-VC – Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas presented a memento to Mr. Usman Akhtar as a token of thanks on behalf of DSU.