Message of the Vice Chancellor, DSU Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque For DSU Students

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unforeseen and unfortunate global challenge that affects people in all corners of the world. And as it continues to escalate in our country, it is in our own interest that we shape our routines in the light of our current realities while we continuously pray for its early end.

The DSU management deeply cares for its students, faculty and staff. We have arranged online classes in the light of HEC guidelines so as to save the students’ precious academic year and keep them involved in a meaningful activity in these turbulent times. To that end, I would like to personally help with any ambiguities, anxieties or difficulties that you may have about online classes, which I hear largely pertain to the below areas:

– Progress of courses during Spring 2020

– HEC acceptance of new ways of learning (online)

– Withdrawal/drop out of courses, if possible

– Grades and Scholarships issues

– Examinations, Labs, Quizzes, Assessments etc.

– Attendance issues

– Internet issues – electricity outages etc.

Now, as per latest HEC directives, up to 31st May 2020 has been declared as on-ground closure period during which online teaching will be the norm, and attendance will be taken electronically. When on-campus teaching is resumed from 1st of June, 2020 Insha Allah, the attendance requirement will be as per HEC/PEC policy as relayed to us by the regulatory bodies at a later stage.

Let me reiterate to all students and parents that online learning is in the students’ best interest. Online classes ensure that students not only secure their Spring 2020 semester, they also graduate and formally start their career at the same time as originally anticipated. Not to forget, online studies are keeping students productively engaged during these otherwise mentally exhausting times.

Any details on guidelines regarding the Examinations, Labs, etc. currently awaited from HEC, will be duly shared with you. However, as of now, DSU is offering labs online as much detailed as possible. In addition, DSU intends to supplement this with hands-on labs with equipment, where needed, when we resume classes on campus in June. Moreover, online course delivery is being improved as per your feedback to make the learning more effective and facilitate the student body in every possible way. Any learning support material (recorded lectures, ebooks, software, etc.) will be constantly available through DSU cloud services and VPN, and in cases of non-availability of internet, digital material in CDs may also be mailed to you if required.

Despite these endeavors, if a student does not feel prepared, they may drop or withdraw the course before the mid-semester exam date and their fee will either be refunded or carried forward, all as per DSU policy.

Rest assured that the management, faculty and staff are all doing their part proactively ensuring quality of online teaching and taking all measures in the best interest of our students. We are all geared up to facilitate your learning experience so you fully meet the expectations of the professional world and go places with the DSU name.

There is a learning in each curveball that life throws at you – Extraordinary circumstances demand extraordinary responses and adaptability.

Let us thus embrace a mindset of opportunity in adaptability, and stay put!

Wish you all the best.



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