Dr. Rida Ahmed

Assistant Professor

• PhD (Chemistry) H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi
• MSc. (Applied Chemistry) University of Karachi

Research Interests:
• Natural Product Chemistry
• Drug Development
• Nanochemistry

1. Ahmed,R.; Zafar,S.; Li,B.; Peng,C.; Zhang,W.; Peng,Q.; Qin,Y.; Wang, W. Analytical Methods for the Quality Control of Saffron.(manuscript in process).
2. Xie,Q.; Haung,J.; Ahmed,R.; Chen,Y.; Zhang,X.; Xiao,H.; Choudhary,M.I.;Wang,W. An Analytical Approach for the Quality Control of Jianpi Jiedu Recipe by UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS (in process).
3. Zafar,S.; Rahman,IU.;Khan,A; Ahmed,R. Adsorption of Organic Dyes on Non-conventional and Inexpensive Adsorbent, (Submitted).
4. Xiao,H.; Huang,J.; Zhang,X.; Ahmed,R.; Xie,Q.; Li,B.; Zhu,Y.; Cai,X.; Peng,Q.; Qin,Y.; Huang,H.; Wang,W. Identification of Potential Diagnostic Biomarkers of Acute Pancreatitis by Serum Metabolomic Profiles. Pancreatology 2017, 17(4), 543-549, Impact factor 2.724.
5. Zafar,S.; Ahmed,R.; Khan,R. Biotransformation: A Green and Efficient Way of Antioxidant Synthesis. Free Radical Research. 2016, 50(9), 939-948, Impact factor 2.949.
6. Ahmed,R.; Wang,Y.; Ali,Z.; Smillie,T.J.; Khan,I.A.HPLC Method for Chemical Fingerprinting of Guggul (Commiphora wightii) – Quantification of E- and Z-Guggulsterones, and Detection of Possible Adulterants. Planta Medica. 2016, 82(4), 356-61. Impact factor 2.152.
7. Ahmed,R.; Ali,Z.; Wu,Y.; Kulkarni,S.; Avery,M. A.; Choudhary,M.I.; Rahman, AU.; Khan,I.A. Chemical Characterization of a commercial Commiphora wightii Resin Sample and Chemical Profiling to Assess for Authenticity. Planta Medica. 2011 Jun; 77(9):945-50, Impact factor 2.152.
8. Yousuf,S.; Ahmed,R.; Ali,Z.; Choudhary,M.I.; Ng,S. W. (20S)-20-Acetoxy-4-pregnene-3, 16-dione from Commiphora wightii. Acta Crystallographia. 2010, 66(Pt 12), Impact factor 0.347.

Books/Chapters (Published/Editied):
1. Rahman,A.; Ozkan,S.A.; Ahmed.R. Recent Advances in Analytical Techniques (Volume I). Bentham Science Publishers

Significant Achievements:
• HEC Approved PhD Supervisor
• Gold Medalist (MSc.)
• HEC Certified Master Trainer

Formerly :
• Post-doctoral Research Scholar, School of Pharmacy, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, China (2016-2017)

• Visiting Research Scholar, School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi, USA (2008-2009)

• Production Supervisor Abbott Laboratories, Karachi, Pakistan (2007)

Contact Information:
Email: rahmed@dsu.edu.pk
Extension: 168