Engr. Syed Asad Ali

Senior Lecturer

• ME (Communication Systems and Networks), MUET
• BE (Telecommunications), MUET

• Assistant Manager, Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL – Etisalat), Hyderabad
• Resident Engineer, Interactive Group of Companies Pvt Ltd, Army Data Center, Hyderabad

Research Interests:
• Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
• Cooperative Communication Systems

• S Asad A, et al, Performance Evaluation Of Decode & Forward Cooperative Communication Protocols, International Journal Of Information Technology And Electrical Engineering , 1st Jan 2013, ISSN: 2225-7217
• Syed Asad Ali, et al, Bit Error rate Analysis of Amplify and Forward Cooperative Communication Protocol, IEEEP 26th Multi Topic Symposium 2011, Karachi Pakistan

Significant Achievements:
• Gold Medal from IEEE on research paper
• Position Holder in BE

Contact Information:
Email: engr.asad@dsu.edu.pk
Extension: 161