Mr. Usman Khalil


• M.S. (Computer Science) , Hamdard University
• M.Sc. (Applied Physics), University of Karachi

Research Interests:
• Wireless Sensor Networks
• Embedded Systems


• Khalil, U.; Javid, T. (2019) A Survey on Automatic Road Accident Detection. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
• Khalil, U.; Nasir, A.; Khan, S, M.; Javid, T; Raza, S, A.; Siddiqui, A. Automatic Road Accident Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor. In International Multi Topic Conference (INMIC), IEEE, 2018.
• Khalil, U.; Javid, T.; Nasir, A. Automatic road accident detection techniques: A brief survey. In International Symposium on Wireless Systems and Networks (ISWSN), 2017, pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2017.

Formerly :

• Lab Assistant, DHA Suffa University, (2015-16)
• Lab Supervisor, Hamdard University, (2015)
• Workshop Supervisor, Philips, (2012-13)

Contact Information: