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The Department of Computer Science aims to produce world class IT entrepreneurs and researchers. The Computer Science programs at the DHA Suffa University (DSU) span from theory through programming to the development of cutting-edge computing solutions. The CS curriculum offers a foundation that permits graduates to adapt to emerging technologies and new ideas. Students in the Department of Computer Science at DSU take a series of core computing courses followed by specialized courses building up broad foundations and depth in selected intellectual theme areas in Computer Science that match their individual interests. Laboratory exercises, independent projects, and research opportunities provide engagement with the principles and techniques of analysis, design, and experimentation in a variety of fields of Computer Science. The Department of Computer Science at DSU also offers a range of programs that enable students to gain experience in industrial settings, ranging from collaborative industrial projects done on campus to term-long experiences at partner companies.


The Department of Computer Science at DSU has highly qualified faculty possessing vast experience of teaching and research at leading universities. Most of them also have rich experience of working in the industry. The faculty is actively engaged in developing solutions for the present problems using futuristic concepts. Such projects have great potential for local and overseas funding and grants. The faculty in the Department of Computer Science provides guidance to do research in many areas including Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Informatics, Computational Genetics, Computational Linguistics, Networking, Wireless Networking, Databases, Distributed & Parallel Computing, Information Security, Multimedia & Game Development, Graphics & Visualization, and Software Engineering.


Computer Science Laboratories at DSU provide students with hands-on experience in analysis, design, coding, and testing activities for computational problems. Computing tools and devices are powered by state-of-the-art Data Center to assist in the construction and analysis of computing intensive applications. The laboratory experiences provide opportunities for students to explore and learn core computing practices and prepare for industrial liaison and entrepreneurship. The Department of Computer Science at the DHA Suffa University has established the following labs to cater to the needs of students and researchers:

Programming Lab

The Programming Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art thin-client computer systems powered by the DSU Data Centre. Its major purpose is to provide students with an environment conducive to learning problem solving and computer programming. The students, under supervision of highly experienced instructors, learn about latest programming methodologies, tools and paradigms. The thin-client systems have access to latest program design software, compilers and IDEs. This exclusive learning environment fosters effective problem solving skills in students and help them in competing with students from other universities in various programming competitions. This lab has been the venue for various programming competitions hosted by the Computer Science Department.

Computing Lab

The Computing Lab is a fully furnished spacious lab well-equipped with 60 state-of-the-art thin-client computer systems featuring the latest technology paradigms and tools powered by the DSU Data Centre. The systems have both Open-source and Proprietary Operating Systems so that the students are equally skilled on both environments. The foremost purpose is of this lab is to provide students with a computing environment where they work on various latest software and tools and gain hand-on experience. The lab has an optical fibre communication link with the DSU Servers, allowing students to access various resources including HEC’s Digital Library, Internet, DSU Learning Management System, etc. for educational purposes. The computing lab is also powered with latest software including software for Database Management System, Network simulation, Software Engineering design, etc.

Digital Systems Lab

This lab is equipped with state-of-the-art computers that can perform computation intensive tasks. The lab is dedicated for teaching of advanced courses in Computer Science and Information Technology. It will be beneficial for final year projects, elective courses and MS/PhD courses. The lab has special support for creation of database applications and mobile applications.

Advance Computing Lab

The purpose of this lab is to allow students to develop and test electronic circuits to implement hardware. This lab is designed to enable students to learn fundamental concepts in embedded digital system design and to give students hands-on experience of Microcontroller, Microprocessor and FPGA teaching kits. This lab is equipped with state of the art electronic equipment including digital oscilloscope, function generators, spectrum analyzers and digital multi-meters. The lab is equipped with 25 workbenches and can accommodate 40 students at a time. Each workstation has a thin client computer connected to DSU’s application server, enabling students to use various simulations & design software. The lab also has a white board and a portable multimedia projector.

Ubiquitous Lab

The Computer Science department of DSU has constructed specialized labs that support Mobile Computing, Game Development, and Graphics. Mobile Computing Lab is equipped with devices supporting operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile to provide students with an environment where they can work on the Ubiquitous Computing. The graduate students work on dedicated Graduates Computing Lab in which they work on data and computing intensive problems.

Center for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC)

Center for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC) is the first research group of Pakistan in the area of Ubiquitous Computing. CRUC focuses on the promotion of ubiquitous computing through systems, algorithms, and project management. This research center has developed several projects that are based on innovative ideas under the guidance of renowned researchers in collaboration with international labs. To date, CRUC has produced over a dozen publications in journals of international repute having cumulative impact factor of 16.0. DHA Suffa University chapter of CRUC is led by Dr. Syed Imran Jami, who is one of the founding members of CRUC.

Center for Research in Computational Linguistic (CRCL)

CRCL focuses on natural language processing, computational grammar and text mining. It has special focus on Pakistani languages i.e. Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto etc. Currently, it is working on machine transliteration, machine translation and lexical resource acquisition for Pakistani languages. It is founded by Dr. Tafseer Ahmed who received his PhD from University of Konstanz, Germany. He has worked on Urdu PARallelGRAMmer (PARGRAM) project that had collaboration with Microsoft and PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). Currently, he is a consultant in two international projects for Urdu Lexical Resources Development.

Industrial Liaison

The Department of Computer Science at DSU has launched initiatives with various software houses, IT companies, and professional bodies for keeping the curriculum up-to-date and in coherence with the demand of the industry. For these purposes, the department is focusing on different training programs for students as well as for the faculty. Furthermore, seminar sessions by senior IT entrepreneurs and professionals being held also motivate the students and provide them a direction to envision themselves as future entrepreneurs. The Department also plans to develop technology incubators in the near future which will enable students to work on real-world projects during their vacations or as their course projects. Similarly, the department is negotiating with various software houses and IT companies for other collaboration models that will promote exchange of knowledge, skills and research acumen of both, industry and academia.


Department of Computer Science at DSU has initiated steps for career advancement of its students with various software houses and IT companies. Some of the careers that a computer science graduate of DSU can pursue include IT Entrepreneur, Information Technology Manager, Information Technology Consultant, Software Architect, System Analyst, Software Engineer, Web Application Developer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Software Quality Assurance Analyst, Faculty Member in the academia, etc. There are numerous opportunities available for computer science graduates of DSU both within Pakistan and abroad. Research and development is also a lucrative prospect for CS graduates. Further academic achievement can take place via MS / PhD, or trade certifications. Enrolling in an MBA program is also a prudent choice for CS graduates if they want to be entrepreneurs or excel as Business Analysts or Technology Managers.

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

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