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DSU Signs an MoU With Shahrood University of Technology, Iran

On 20th Feb 2023, DHA Suffa University inked a Memorandum of…


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DHA Suffa University offers Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral programs in Engineering, Management Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Computer Science and newly launched programs BS Business Analytics & Programming, BS Computational & Industrial Mathematics, BS Accounting & Finance, BS Software Engineering, BS Data Sciences, BE Civil Engineering, BS International Relations, BS English & BS Psychology


The Department of Computer Science offers programs that produce well-versed computer specialists to meet the demands of the local industries

The objective of the Software Engineering program is to provide the students a platform where they can not only learn the fundamentals of Software Engineering but also equip themselves with the most recent Software Engineering advancements

This program develops a foundation on broad computer science principles, including algorithms, data structures, data management and machine learning. This program will prepare graduates for a career in data analysis, combining foundational statistical concepts with computational principles from computer science.


Transform ideas into reality and prepare yourself for outside world
challenges to meet technological demands of future

Through highly qualified faculty, state-of-the-art labs and facilities; active and experiential learning opportunities, we help you discover the vast discipline of mechanical engineering

Standing in the heart of DHA City Karachi, the Civil Engineering Department serves as the living lab for its students by providing them an unmatched learning environment during the four years of their studies

The BS (Accounting & Finance) is a highly specialized degree, preparing the graduate as having expertise in Accountancy and Finance. The program is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enable a student to cope successfully with the challenges of a rapidly evolving, global business and financial environment.

DHA Suffa University boasts of an eclectic BS English Programme in order to hone analytical, rational and critical faculties of students. We offer courses in classics, modern, postmodern and postcolonial literature with equal emphasis upon linguistics. Our research based, innovative pedagogical approach prepares students for advanced studies and viable career opportunities.

International Relations (IR) as a course of study reflects the dynamics of the International System. IR is a broad discipline therefore described as ‘a fusion of social science disciplines’.

The Psychology Program offers a unique scheme of study drawn from a broad spectrum of core courses in psychology to allow students to work across conventional boundaries. The program aims at equipping students with requisite critical and creative skills. The courses seek to impart solid grounding in Industrial, Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology.

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DHA Suffa University was a great learning path for me; I came to interact with the finest teachers in academia-industry who taught me with the best skills & concepts in the most conducive environment. I remember, my supervisor and HOD(CS) encouraged and supported my group to submit our Final Year Project at National ICT R&D Fund and their hard work paid off when we were shortlisted successfully. I developed a cordial relationship with my faculty which supports me in my career as well. Moreover, the university provides an opportunity to explore and test my management skills through events of different societies.The most appealing aspect of DSU is partnerships with foreign universities, where students and graduates explore the opportunities through summer and winter programs.
Umair Hanif
Data Scientist / Penumbra
The decision to be part of DHA Suffa University enriched my life. I could see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am grateful to every faculty member of Computer Science Department. The exposure they provided is way good for a person who wants to achieve excellence in the emerging field of Computer Science. Here potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, and confidence is built. It has been a great journey. Here in DSU we have great faculty members who are always willing to help under whom we have learnt a lot and as a result it really helped me to become a better version of myself. Becoming one of the leaders of CBS Society, gave me the confidence to lead. It provided me numerous opportunities to excel my technical and soft skills which are required for corporate sector. I am currently working as an iOS Developer at Time Based Software, LLC, it’s a U.S Based Company. I have more than 1 year of working experience in iOS Native Mobile Application Development. Our team creates High Performance Native iOS Apps. I’m a UI/UX Expert and I love to implement screens for both iPhone and iPads. Moreover, I have my own startup named iOS Code School which provides training for iOS Development.
Farhaj Ahmed
IOS Developer / Time Based Software
"Being at DHA Suffa University made me realize how important it is to learn to do everything from scratch. What I've gained from this University is something invaluable, because it has taught me to manage all on my own because being the first batch I had to do everything myself as there were not many societies at that time. Going through this process has helped me grow into the person I am today. All the faculty members and students have worked together and made many efforts into making this University where it stands today. "
Mahwish Baig
(Relationship Manager) / Askari Bank
"My 4 years at DHA Suffa University were simply incredible. Apart from excellent education, this university has provided innumerable growth opportunities by sponsoring my participation in many national competitions/workshops and even an excursion summer camp in Berlin. Such invaluable exposure drastically changed me from being incapable of public speaking to a confident adult who led the prestigious DSU IEEE Student Branch as Chairman in the final year and before I graduated, I had a job offer from one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world, Procter and Gamble (P & G). I must concede, if it wasn’t for DHA Suffa University, I wouldn’t have been as talented, confident and educated a man that I am today. Thank you DHA Suffa University! "
Asad Ullah Khan Ghuari
(Project Manager) / Procter & Gamble