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To produce such graduates who have been thoroughly prepared through a rigorous curriculum consisting of both theory and hands-on laboratory work to become the candidates of choice or hiring by industrial organizations or to undertake research work at MS and PhD level.


The Department of Electrical Engineering has highly qualified faculty possessing foreign qualifications with vast experience of teaching and research in leading universities. Most of them also have rich experience of working for the industry. The faculty of EE is actively engaged in developing solutions for the present problems using futuristic concepts through research projects that have great potential for local and overseas funding and grants. Students also get the opportunity to work on these projects under the supervision of the faculty.


All DSU Electrical Engineering programs enjoy comprehensive recognition by HEC and approval by PEC and DSU is committed to working together with HEC and PEC at all levels in an effort to improve the quality of education imparted in the country.


Electrical Engineering Laboratories at DSU are state-of-the-art and have been established with the aim of giving students hands-on experience of embedded systems, data acquisition, feedback control, communication systems and electrical power systems. The Labs of the EE Department are well equipped with the latest test & measurement and computing equipment to make students appreciate the real essence of Electrical Engineering design. The Laboratories in Electrical Engineering Department include:

Circuits and Electronics Lab

Circuits and Electronics laboratory at DSU is state of the art with all the latest electronic equipments available, including Digital Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzers and Digital Multimeters. This lab’s purpose is to allow electrical engineering students to develop and test electronic circuits and inculcate circuit design skills in them. Recently Elvis boards procured from National Instruments (NI) have also been added, which can be interfaced with the educational software Labview.

Computing Lab

DSU’s Computing laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art thin client computers. The lab is designed to allow the students experiment with the computing technology to solve engineering problems. The lab is purpose built with an environment which stimulates student’s creativity. The lab is connected with the DSU data center which provides the direct access to Linux and windows environments. A wide variety of engineering related applications are available in this lab, such as Matlab, Labview, C++ compilers & CAD Tools, to facilitate the students.

Digital Systems Lab

Digital Systems laboratory at DSU offers basic and advanced logic design experiments ranging from logic gates to sequential logic design. The Students are provided with both software and hardware resources to design and test digital logic circuits. The Modelsim software is available, which is an industry standard to design digital logic circuits. Furthermore, logic analyzers to test the logic circuits, traditional combinational and sequential logic circuits, reconfigurable logic resources in the shape of FPGAs are also available in this lab. The lab is also equipped with various microprocessor and microcontroller kits for courses like computer architecture, microcontroller- / microprocessor-based design, and system programming. Digital systems laboratory caters to the needs of MS and PhD level research as well.

Programming Lab

DSU’s Programming lab is designed to allow the students to experiment with the latest programming tools and technologies and it provides students with an environment which allows them to develop software. This lab is also connected with the DSU data center which provides the direct access to Linux and windows environments. In this lab modernized programming tools and programming related applications such as Java, C++, Python, and Eclipse are installed.

Communication Systems Lab

DSU has state-of-the-art Communication Systems and Digital Signal Processing laboratory. Communication systems part of the lab has a powerful combination of hardware "UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE RADIO PERIPHERAL" (USRP) and open-source software GNU Radio where Digital signal processing experiments can be run. This hardware-software combination is very powerful and flexible, therefore can be used in teaching communication systems courses such as implementing real-time communication systems, recording real RF signals for off-line processing, and converting signals that were generated by a computer to RF. Some relatively simple real-time communication systems that could be implemented using the USRP are listed below: FM Radio Receiver, RDS Decoder, AM Radio Receiver, Radio-Controlled Clock, AM or FM Transmitter, Family Radio Services (FRS) Walkie-Talkie and Remote control. As for the digital signal processing part of the lab, purpose specific hardware equipments such as Texas Instruments DSP kits and Xilinx FPGAs are available to students to run DSP experiments. This lab can cater to MS and PhD level research too.

Control Systems and Electrical Machines Lab

Electric Machines & Control laboratory at DSU comprises of latest electrical machine trainers who give students, hands on experience on AC as well as DC motors & generators. The lab also contains educational hardware acquired from National Instruments (NI), for the use of designing, development and testing of various feedback control systems. The main purpose of this laboratory is to inculcate necessary system design skills in the students and to prepare them for a successful career as a ‘Control & Automation engineer' in the industry.

Embedded Systems Lab

Embedded Systems laboratory in DSU is yet another state-of-the-art laboratory. The equipment such as Raspberry Pi, AVR microcontroller kits, embedded linux platforms, industrial controllers and Xilinx FPGAs are available in this lab. Further, experimental embedded systems are built in this lab which cater to advanced research.

Applied Physics Lab

Applied Physics laboratory at DSU is well-equipped with tools and equipments imported from Germany which cater the needs of the experimental work to be done by students. Currently, experimental equipments for Electromagnetics, Acoustics, Mechanics, and Optics are available in Physics lab.

Applied Chemistry Lab

Applied Chemistry laboratory has been designed to cater the needs of undergraduate Electrical and Mechanical engineering programs, with a vision to further upgrade it to the level of postgraduate research. The environment, health and safety of DSU students and staff is of paramount importance therefore the laboratory is equipped with UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Conductivity meter, PH meter, Drying Oven, Analytical balance, Laboratory balance, Magnetic Stirrer, and Standard Calibrated Glassware. DSU aims to provide Chemistry lab services to the industries and academic sector in near future, for which the University is planning to implement the best Quality Management and Laboratory Management Systems.

Electrical Power Systems Lab

The Electrical Power Systems (EPS) laboratory at DSU is equipped with state of the art “Smart Grid” trainers from the Italian company DE LORENZO. These educational trainers are used to teach students fundamental power engineering concepts pertaining to power generation, power transmission as well as power distribution & utilization. The EPS lab also houses “PE-5000 Power Electronics” trainers from a Taiwan based company, K&H Products. The EPS laboratory at DSU is one of a kind and has been built with the aim of giving students hands on experience of operating high voltage electrical power equipment. It is just the right place for students to come and learn about the latest innovations in Electrical Power Engineering and to put theory into practice.

Process Control Lab

The Process Control Laboratory at DSU consists of state-of-the-art software and hardware. This laboratory offers both the undergraduate and graduate level teaching, research and development facility to its users. Departments of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering utilize this laboratory according to their requirements. The equipment that is available in the laboratory consists of Programmable Logic Controllers, Double-Tank, Magnetic Levitation, DC Motors and Inverted Pendulum. Top notch international vendors such as National Instruments of USA and Hampden Engineering Corporation of UK have provided these pieces of equipment.

Final Year Project (FYP) Lab

FYP lab is a dedicated lab for final year students working on their FYPs. There are 16 dedicated work stations for students working on Final Year Projects. 8 workstations have 3 phase power lines available for projects involving 3 phase power. Each workstation comprises of a dual DC power supply, Oscilloscope, function generator and bench top DMM. Every workstation has storage space for students to keep their project related stuff. Workstations with 3 phase power lines have been fitted with Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) and Power Analyzer Meter to monitor power line parameters e.g. Volts, current, Watts, VAR, Power factor, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), distortion factor. 4 workstations have been provided power though Delta to Star isolation transformer. Dedicated earth point has been dug for this lab. This lab has the provision of remaining open for even after office hours, so that student can work on their projects nonstop.


The Electrical Engineering program of DSU offers its students four specialization streams, namely Power Systems, Telecommunication, Computer Systems and Electronics. The specialization streams will provide DSU graduates an opportunity to pursue careers as members of design or support engineering teams for industrial and business organizations nationally and globally in their chosen stream of Electrical Engineering. This program also enables them to undertake research work at MS and PhD level.

Industrial Liaison

Statutory bodies of DHA Suffa University include professionals from industry and technical heads of various engineering organizations established across the region. The purpose of our mutual collaboration is to work towards faculty support, student exposure to industry, technology incubation, internships & placements, mutual work study exercises and staff training, in an effort to bridge the gap between academia and industry.


DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

Facilities at DSU

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