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We aspire to become a globally acknowledged business institution with transformative influence on society through intellectual contribution and mentoring the future nation builders.


  • To produce technically equipped and socially responsible professionals who contribute to shaping the way organizations are operated, managed and led.
  • To contribute in expanding the horizons of knowledge by encouraging, initiating and supporting the production and dissemination of par excellence research.
  • To positively influence society through contributing engagements towards industries, businesses and government beyond the boundaries of campus.
  • To do all the above with integrity, transparency and accountability in order to become a role model to be followed.

Academic Roadmap


The Department of Management Sciences has a highly qualified faculty possessing vast experience of teaching and research in leading universities. Most of them also have a rich experience of working for the industry. The faculty is actively engaged in developing solutions for present day business problems using futuristic concepts. Such projects have great potential for local and overseas funding and grants. The faculty has considerable command over its respective subjects and is interested in management development. It brings to the classroom its extensive academic knowledge supplemented by research, consultancy and industry experience.

Industry and Academic Linkages Through Corporate Mentor Network

Department of Management Sciences Student Mentoring Program is a career mentoring platform that connects students with qualified professionals from industry, providing them first-hand industry insights into their chosen profession. Mentors use their valuable knowledge and experiences to guide and assist students as they make choices and decisions about their future career.
This program aims to support potential graduates with their transition out of the university into the workplace and to include industry professionals in a mutually advantageous partnership. An industrial expert with considerable experience as a mentor can provide students with information about particular industries, current and upcoming industrial trends and the skill set required to compete, as well as advise them regarding their career direction, job hunting and skill improvement.

Foreign Linkages

The International Education Resource Center (IERC) has been set up with the goal of promoting higher education opportunities in Germany, Turkey, Malaysia and China at DHA Suffa University. It strives to provide an interface for DHA Suffa University’s students to access the study abroad programs of leading international universities. At present, DHA Suffa University has MoUs with Eurasia Institute for International Education (EIIE-Berlin), Technical University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) Wildau, Germany, Senior Experten Service (SES, Bonn, Germany), AIMST University, Malaysia, Bilkent University, Turkey, Fateh Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, Turkey and Chengdu University, China. Additionally, through different initiatives such as Senior Experten Service (SES), each year, a number of foreign faculty members from top business schools are invited to teach at DHA Suffa University.

Internship Program

As a mandatory part of the degree program, students of the BBA and MBA Program are required to do an internship of 4-6 weeks. DHA Suffa University has a dedicated “Career Services & Corporate Relations” department established to facilitate students by establishing linkages with the corporate world. The internships will not only help students get a foot in the door with a potential employer but also accumulate new skills.

Employability of Management Sciences Students

Department of Management Sciences caters to the job market by providing individuals who positively influence society through contributing engagements with industries, businesses and government beyond the boundaries of campus. Our graduates are placed in some of the blue-chip companies and other leading local and multinational companies such as Nestle, PSO, OGDCL, Bank AL-Habib, National Bank, Habib Bank, etc.

Community Service

The scope of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) CSR activities at DHA Suffa University includes community involvement and philanthropy for the development of communities, initiatives involving health and safety, efforts towards environmental protection and sustainability as well as a variety of further initiatives aimed at facilitating students that belong to disadvantaged segments of society. The CSR Department strives to engage DHA Suffa University students in volunteering activities via the Community Service and Sustainability Program (CSSP) and aims to make DHA Suffa University a university that not only focuses on academic excellence but also on character building. The CSSP is an action program that plays an important role in invoking a sense of civic responsibility in an individual.
To ensure that DHA Suffa University’s vision of nation-building is materialized, the University has made community service a mandatory requirement for undergraduate students in the Management Sciences Department. Students enrolled in the BBA program are required to complete 60 hours of community service in order to graduate. This requirement will enable the students in the Management Sciences Department to become well rounded, compassionate and empathetic individuals who are able to gain a competitive edge in the job market by having a unique selling point. Furthermore, the CSR department aims to create awareness related to various aspects of CSR by arranging a variety of free sessions for DHA Suffa University faculty, staff and students and also working on the development of policies and procedures to facilitate CSR activities at DHA Suffa University. In addition, the students of the Community Service and Conservation Society (CSCS) at DHA Suffa University work in collaboration with the CSR department to ensure that DHA Suffa University students are actively involved in organizing and participating in CSR activities and events that are conducted by the CSR department.

Management Sciences Society

The Management Sciences Society caters to a diverse range of interests in different subject areas of business. Each student can find an area of his or her interest from a number of clubs like Marketing Club, HR Club, Finance Club, Supply Chain Club and Economics Club, all which exist under the patronage of the Management Sciences Society. The society is a well-organized body run by the students which represent and promotes the Management Sciences. It aims to provide practical knowledge related to theory courses through competition and events that not only give the students an insight of the latest innovations in the above areas but also foster a sense of achievement and confidence. This kind of events greatly help the students in their professional development. Since the Department of Management Sciences is keen to develop its linkages with the industry, therefore, the MS Society also promotes the integration of industry through its events where prominent industry figures come as judges, guest speakers or trainers to contribute their rich experiences.

Capstone Projects

Students from the Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs are offered capstone projects in their final semester. These projects allow students to work on real-world business issues. Under this program, students are required to work as a consultant to a client company under the guidance of a faculty supervisor and a corporate mentor. The students conduct rigorous field research, secondary research, data collection and analysis, after which the findings, conclusion and recommendations are presented to the sponsoring company. The entire project is of 6 credit hours and students are expected to complete it in one semester. These capstone projects provide a ‘real world’ experience to Management Sciences students and provide them with an opportunity to bring creative solutions to the problem at hand.

Center for Case Development (CCD)

The Case Method of teaching has gained popularity as an effective classroom technique in recent years. The aim of CCD is to encourage case study pedagogy and develop real cases to bring actual business issues and problems to the classrooms. Under the umbrella of CCD, faculty, along with a team of students, work on developing indigenous case studies. In addition to this, the centre has acquired membership of the renowned international case repositories.

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

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