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Computing Services

Like all world class universities DHA Suffa University (DSU) also places great emphasis on having a state of the art technology infrastructure in the imparting and enforcement of learning and knowledge development. Being a knowledge based organization, DSU is strongly focused towards the exploitation of the Information Pyramid.



Information Pyramid
DSU founders and sponsors have a vision for DSU to be “second to none”. Since we are living in the “Knowledge Age” and the higher education field appears crowded, DSU believes that Information Technology (IT) can be the “game-changer” enabling DSU to assume academic leadership. It is well established that higher education has a symbiotic relationship with IT so the DSU vision is rightly placed. Globally, IT is changing learning patterns – DSU is in harmony with the changing scenario. The use of IT with Open Source software can allow us to bridge the digital-divide that we can observe between the developed world and the developing world. In fact, IT can allow us not only to catch up but rather to leap-frog ahead of the competition. It is our pledge that it will be an “online”, “automated”, “paper-less” university.

The technologies used in building the IT infrastructure at DSU are the latest based on the principles of Cloud Computing. Technologically, cloud computing combines many of the developments that have taken place in IT over the last 30 years. It involves virtualization to decouple software from hardware and thus make hardware failures and changes transparent to operating systems and software. It utilizes network based redundant storage system which makes data available to all applications and independent of a particular system, application or service.

IT Infrastructure
The most important thing to note from the above figure is that the IT infrastructure revolves around services which are to be provided to the DSU community. The DSU community consists of DSU students, DSU administration and DSU faculty. The IT infrastructure will create an enabling environment for all those in the DSU community to perform their roles more effectively and to collaborate and communicate rapidly in order to realize the objectives of DSU.

The students are facilitated by the DSU Portal where they will get instant access to DSU information pertinent to them. They are able to use the DSU Learning Management System to access teaching material and submit assignments online. They would be able to interact with their fellow students and with faculty members round the clock. The Computer Labs will have computing devices, providing an exceptional computing experience to students where the engineering design and simulation software for their educational needs would be readily available.

The DSU administration is facilitated by having an automated system for all DSU academic and administrative records. The business processes of DSU are fully automated using a software used by top ranked universities of the world. This would allow the DSU to grow rapidly and establish itself as a recognized leader among universities in Pakistan. This would also enable DSU to integrate more fully with the global academia and establish collaborative academic and research programs with universities throughout the world.

The DSU faculty are facilitated by the IT infrastructure by providing them with technology to ease their communication with the students. Faculty would be able to effortlessly publish their lecture materials, homework assignments and inform students about any events related to the courses they are teaching. They would also be able to maintain grades and student assessment easily using provided software. Faculty are able to access HEC Digital Library resources to help them access research material. Faculty would be able to respectfully and rapidly communicate with their peers in universities across the country and the world using DSU IT services.

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

Facilities at DSU

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