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To produce resourceful managers and entrepreneurs having the highest of ethical standards to contribute to national development. At the department of Management Sciences academic rigor, practical relevance, creativity, integrity, and sustainability in doing business are the core values of the educational model.

Why Study Business Degree at DSU?

There are a number of merits for studying business degree at DSU. The faculty is one of the finest business faculties in the country. Additionally, through different initiatives such as Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) each year a number of foreign faculty members from top business schools are also invited to teach at DSU. A large number of top quality seminars, workshops, conferences are also available to Suffa students and faculty. Teaching methodology is based on a combination of classroom sessions, syndication, group work, case studies, term-papers, use of library, internet and business simulations. 


The Department of Management Sciences has a highly qualified faculty possessing vast experience of teaching and research in leading universities. Most of them also have rich experience of working for the industry. The faculty is actively engaged in developing solutions for present day business problems using futuristic concepts. Such projects have great potential for local and overseas funding and grants. The faculty has considerable command over its respective subjects and is interested in management development. It brings to the classroom its extensive academic knowledge supplemented by research, consultancy and industry experience.

Center for Case Development

Throughout the world teaching case based course is considered as a hall mark of top business schools. DSU Management Sciences faculty aims to adopt case tool. For this purpose Center of Case Development (CCD) has been established which is also a member of European Case Clearing House (ECCH). As part of this initiative, the faculty is actively engaged in developing cases of numerous local businesses to be published internationally and also presented in their classrooms. 
Center for International Business Education and Research

The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) provides worldwide links for faculty and student exchange and research opportunities. This network serves as regional and national resource to business people, students, and teachers at all levels. CIBER aims to provide enormous opportunities to DSU faculty and students for international liaison. CIBER partner universities include:

  •     Columbia University, USA
  •     Duke University, USA
  •     George Washington University, USA
  •     Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  •     Georgia State University, USA
  •     Indiana University, USA
  •     Michigan State University, USA
  •     Purdue University, USA
  •     San Diego State University, USA
  •     Temple University, USA
  •     The Ohio State University, USA
  •     The University of Texas at Austin, USA
  •     University of California, Los Angles, USA
  •     University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  •     University of Pennsylvania, USA
  •     University of Washington, USA
  •     University of Wisconsin, USA
  •     Manchester Business School, UK
  •     Melbourne Business School, Australia
  •     National University of Singapore, Singapore
  •     China Europe International Business School, China


The Management Sciences department offers comprehensive programs that build employability skills, place students in relevant internships and provide them career coaching and job placement opportunities. Successful graduates of management sciences can find placement in financial institutions, banks, insurance and leasing companies. They are also able to pursue careers as Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Business Development Executives, Strategic Business Analysts, Media Planners, HR Managers, Recruiters and Trainers.

DHA Suffa University


"To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building."


"To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution."

Facilities at DSU

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