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The campus has a well-stocked library and resource center with an extensive range of text and multimedia resources. The DSU library holds a rich collection of text and reference books, local and foreign newspapers, magazines, journals and audio-visual material. DHA’s well-known Defence Central Library(DCL) is also available to students and faculty of DSU as an additional resource. Moreover, photocopying, printing, binding, scanning and internet services are available.

Library Timings

Monday to Friday - 09:00 am to 17:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday - Library remains closed

Library Contact

Telephone: 35244854

Ext: 189


Library Rules and Regulations

General Rules

1. Silence must be observed in the study area. Discussion/inquiry about books may be done from the librarian in low voices near the Circulation Desk or Book Issue Area.

2. The library staff has the right to ask the students to leave the library, if they are found talking anywhere in the library, in a way, which causes disturbance to other people in the library.

3. Students who behave in a disorderly, disruptive, indecent, offensive, or unreasonable manner will be asked to leave the library, and will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee.

4. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students if any offense is conducted against the library staff.

5. Students are not allowed to stay in the library during break time, which is from 1300 to 1400 hours everyday.

6. Students must be in possession of their Student ID cards to enter the library.

7. All borrowed material from the library must be returned before leaving the library. Items not returned or not issued officially if taken beyond the library premises are considered stolen, and offenders are liable to stern disciplinary action.

8. Seats are not allowed to be reserved or to be used for keeping books or personal articles. In case there is a demand for seats, library staff will remove the unattended articles from the tables or seats.

9. Chairs and study tables should not be moved around.

10. Smoking, eating, drinking and listening to songs on mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the library premises.

11. Personal belongings (such as file cover, briefcases, handbags, etc) must be left outside the library in the designated cubicles. The university accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left outside or inside the library.

12. Students are not permitted to use telephones (including mobile telephones) in the library. Mobile phones must be on silent in the library. Library staff is not permitted to accept private telephone messages for readers with the exception of emergency calls.

13. No user of the library shall enter areas of the library designated by the librarian as “not for public access”, unless accompanied by a member of the library staff.

14. No other activities accept reading and studying are allowed in the library.

15. Students are required to treat the reading material with care, and not mark books in any way.

16. Students are expected to take care of the furniture and fixtures in the library. Students will not write on the walls, tables or damage any property in the library.

17. A clearance certificate from college library will be required for all students when they finally leave the college along with college leaving certificate.

18. All students when entering library are bound to adhere and follow to these rules strictly.

Cyber Rules

Students at the DSU library are encouraged to use the internet to help them in their course work as the internet is a source of great volumes of information. It’s like having the world’s largest library at your fingertips. However students need to abide by the following rules when using the internet in the library:

1. Do not use the computers to engage in the following recreational activities:

a. Playing games

b. Listening to music

c. Watching irrelevant or unethical videos

d. Accessing social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc

2. Do not install or uninstall any program or service in any computer.

3. If any device of the computer is not working, then do not try to fix it. Kindly report it at the reference desk or to the IT Helpline at 2051.

4. You are allowed to use the computer for a time allocated by the librarian. If there is a need for it to be used by other students then, you will be asked to give others an opportunity to use the computer.

5. Do not send online jobs for printing, as it is not allowed within the cyberspace. The Library is not responsible for printing of any kind.

Overdue Books

1. Books must be returned by the due date. If the book is needed by the University authorities, the librarian will ask the student to return the book, earlier than the due date.

2. A fine of 5/- per day for each overdue book will be charged from the students.

3. Failure to return a book by the date specified will be treated as a serious offence.

4. The library will endeavor to send overdue notice but will not be held responsible for non-delivery, under whatever circumstances.

Loss and Damage

1. The borrower will be held responsible for material given out on loan. If the material is lost, an immediate report should be made to the librarian to enable appropriate action to be taken.

2. A borrower is allowed to either replace the book lost or damaged by purchasing it himself/herself or requesting the library to replace it. All books replaced must be of the latest edition. If the book is one of a set of series, the borrower may be called upon to replace the whole set of series.

3. In case the lost book or the latest edition is not available anywhere in the market then the person responsible is obliged to pay three times the market price of the book.

Book Borrowing Rules for Students

1. The holder of the library card is responsible for all books borrowed against it.

2. Books borrowed can be retained for a period of 7 days.

3. In case a book is required for more than 7 days, it may be reissued. The book needs to be physically presented for date extension.

4. A fine of 5/- per day for each overdue book will be charged.

5. The current market price will be charged in case of loss/damage of a book.

6. No reference book including encyclopedia, dictionaries, or atlas will be issued to any student/borrower. However, the same may be used for reference in the library.

7. At times students may not be allowed to borrow a particular book. This will be done if there are less books, or their lending is prohibited by the university authority.

Lending Rules for Faculty

1. Faculty members are entitled to borrow up to one main text book for each allocated course for the entire semester.

2.Visiting faculty members are entitled to borrow up to one main text book for 15 days which may be reissued for another 7 days.

3. Faculty members can also borrow up to a maximum of three other reference books for 15 days which may reissued for another seven days.

4. Visiting faculty members can also borrow up to a maximum of three other reference books for 15 days, which may reissued for other seven days.

5. Faculty member/visiting faculty member should be present personally while issuing/returning the book.

6. In case of any emergency, books can be reissued.

7. In case of any damage or lose of book, the faculty member is liable to purchase the lost book (same edition or latest) and return to the library.

8. Reference material (CDs, newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and magazines) are issued for the reading room only and must be returned to the counter before leaving the library.

9. Faculty member/visiting faculty member cannot sub lend the library books to any other person.

10. All books issued to the faculty members must be returned at the end of semester.

11. Books must be kept with full liability and should not be lost or damaged. In case of damage or lose, the replacement cost of the book will be charged. 12. Any book may be recalled at any time if deemed necessary.

List of Magazines

 List of Journals


 List of Newspapers


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