Workshop On Data Management Using MS Excel

Two Weeks Workshop On
Data Management Using MS Excel
24 June – 5 July, 2019 (Alternate days)
Venue: DHA Suffa University
Time: 2 hours/day | 4 – 6 pm (Alternate Days)

In the modern business environment, jobs requiring digital skills in order to draw basic analysis that benefit the business are in high demand. On the other hand, every business is generating data on daily basis and need people to manage their data. This training would equip the audience with the skills required for digital data analysis skills through Excel. Excel is powerful and trouble-free software that helps users manage and analyze data. This is why job advertisements requiring Excel skills quite frequently appear all over the world.
This training has been designed keeping in mind learners who have very little or no knowledge of Excel. The training would build upon basic operations in Excel and moving towards advanced functionality. The training would be coupled with easy to understand examples which are demonstrated in a way that learners can become comfortable in understanding and applying them. This Excel training would certainly add to your skill set and help you get a basic command over the software.

• Getting Familiar with the Environment
• Data Functions
• Formatting & Conditional Formatting
• Charting
• Excel Tables
• Pivot Tables
• Data Validation, Filters
• Importing External Data
• Shortcuts, Productivity
• Basic Form Controls

This training would equip the audience with a working knowledge of Excel with the aim to get them started with the software and moving towards skills that would help them make sense of their organizational data. After attending the workshop, participants will:

• Gain familiarity with Excel environment and the concept of spreadsheets.
• Get a hold on Excel functionalities to maximize data management.
• Learn to make sense of organizational data.
• Exhibit data in a productive, smart and presentable way.


Professionals who deal with data and need skills to improve their data management capabilities will greatly benefit from these offerings. This may include:

• Finance & Business Executives
• Business Analyst
• Health Care Professionals
• Nutritionists
• Marketing & Sales Executives
• Researchers Engineers
• All Related Fields

Trainer – Eram Abbasi
Microsoft Excel Specialist
Certified from Microsoft

Eram is a self-directed enthusiastic technology expert and an educationist with a genuine interest of fostering cognitive and social growth through technology. She is a seasoned technology executive, award-winning professor and a Microsoft Certified technology expert. Eram has spent more than 20 years working with high growth technology companies, universities and industry associations.
Her work portfolio comprises of working experience with organizations like Hewlett Packard (HP), IBM Global and also with local and foreign universities. Within Pakistan some to mention are; IBA, IoBM, SZABIST, PAF KIET, Bahria University and DHA Suffa University. She is also an active member of various local and international professional bodies which include IEEEP, QPSP (Quality & Productivity Society of Pakistan), IRMA–USA (Information Resource Management Association), OPEN (Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America), JumpStart Pakistan.
Driven by her passion for technology implementation and through her hands-on experience, Eram has developed expertise in helping professionals bridge the gap between their domain related skills and the business value those skills can bring in by using technology. Ms. Eram has been conducting Training Workshops on Excel where she has trained many professionals and students from various organizations. Her research in the area of ‘Technology Management’ is the result of her collective experiences and proven methodologies for managing technology. Eram instills methodologies, process and toolsets through workshops, seminars, consulting, coaching and advisory engagements. She lives mainly in the future, bringing in technology in daily life. She is an Agent of Change.

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