Vertical Solar and Wind Energy Tower | Power Engineering FYP |

Since most of the present energy demand is met by fossil fuels and nuclear power plants. A small part is met by renewable energy technologies. Among them, the wind and solar power sources have experienced a rapid growth. Both are pollution free sources of abundant power. This paper represents an idea as to how to utilize these sources in best way to produce electricity.

For this project we will be using both resources to produce electricity. A savonius turbine is designed to capture the wind power and transfer it to the charge controller where it will be stabilized and transferred to the battery which will further transfer to the inverter and then to the load. Similarly, solar panel on top of the structure is implemented to extract voltages from sun rays and transfer to the MPPT where it will be stabilized and the same procedure as wind will occur. A switching technique is used to determine which of the sources are much efficient at that particular time. The one that will be producing more voltages will be presented further.

Supervisor: Engr. Asif Shah
Co-Supervisor: Engr. Abdul Samad