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Electrical Engineering trained and professional Faculty members have groomed students from scratch to Professionals of Industrial Automation. Students are now solving industrial level problems using our well-equipped labs of Electrical Engineering Department.

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Industrial Automation Kamyab Jawan Free Course:

Functionally, Industrial Automation includes field-level (Sensors & Actuators), Control level, Supervisory, production control level (SCADA) and Information & enterprise level (MES & ERP)

Field level

At the bottom level, you will find sensors and actuators that are installed in the field. Sensors are used to collect physical process signals, which helps them measure pressure, flow, temperature, etc. It then converts them into pneumatic and electrical. For instance, LDR, thermocouple, strain gauge etc.

You can use these sensors that are used for processing, then analyze it, which will help in decision making, leading to produce the control output. Control systems such as Programmable Logic controllers (PLCs), RTUs are connected to the sensors that will help you produce the targeted output by providing the signals in accordance with your program and set values.