RESEARCH SEMINAR- II from Department of Management Sciences

DHA Suffa University hosted its ‘Research Seminar – II’ from the Department of Management Sciences. The event took place on Tuesday, 29th June 2021 at Executive Lecture Theatre (ELT), DHA Suffa University, Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. Sobia Iqbal Asst. Professor DHA Suffa and the organizer of the session stated that the idea behind this seminar was to empower and enable a research approach in students with shared knowledge and activity-based learning on various research-related topics. This seminar expects to provide the participants a platform to present research approaches with transformational perspectives to business challenges and opportunities. The 32 groups of undergraduate and postgraduate students presented their researches in the following domains: Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management. The aim of this event was to build and showcase students’ research and presentation ability which are an important academic skills to possess.

The opening address was presented by Dr. Sobia Iqbal and Ms. Aisha Shams. A positive welcoming note and remarks were given by the Dean of the Institution, Dr. Johar Farooqi. Furthermore, welcome note and positive remarks were also expressed by Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas, Pro Vice Chancellor and Dr. Faheem Akhter, HoD Management Sciences at DHA Suffa University. The esteemed experienced guests presented for research evaluation were Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan, Dr. Shamaila Burney and Dr. Adnan Butt brought the experience of academia. Furthermore, experienced guests Mr. Mustafa Yousuf and Mr. Muhammed Murad Alam helped bring the industry experience to the table. The research aimed to help students better understand and bridge the gap between the research and practical industry domains and fields.