Design and Hardware Implementation of a Pitch Control System for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine | FYP

Renewable energy is one of the important step that has to be taken eventually for better future and healthy present. Wind energy is one of the major source provider for renewable energy. In this paper/project we are designing a pitch control system for a horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT). The system will control the pitch angle of the wind turbine’s rotor blades in accordance to the fluctuations in the wind speed to maximize the power output with in the design limits if the turbine. The project is divided into three main tasks. First is the design, simulation of the microcontroller used to control the pitch angle of the wind turbine’s rotor blades on MATLAB/SIMULINK and its hardware implementation, second is the mechanical design and fabrication of the wind turbine designed. And lastly is to combine the previously defined task one and two together to make a fully functional model of the pitch angle control system of a HAWT.

Project Advisor: Engr. M. Asadullah Siddiqui
Project Co-Advisor: Engr. Irfan Hussain

Group Members:
Abbas Godil ee171015
Hassam Jamil ee171018
Muhammad Ali Butt ee171052
Qaiser Zulfiqar ee171009