With an increase in the use of electricity in Pakistan, the problem of power system constraints in which electricity transmission is limited has become significant. In our nation there is a lot of problems occurs in power sector mostly in distribution lines most of the areas in any seasons there is fault occurs due to natural as well as man-made accidents this results to electrocution occurs and causes many life losses. And if any fault occurred in our area we need to call serviceman to clear the fault. It is not notify results in electrocution accidents. One major factor of this is the restricted capacity of transmission lines. While the enhancement of the transmission line capacity is necessary to solve this problem, it requires a large amount of capital and time. Therefore, it is important to utilize existing systems to their maximum potential. For the purpose of increasing power transmission capacity of existing systems, we have been developing a real-time monitoring system for the electrical parameters of power transmission lines. This paper reports on the present status of our ongoing developments

Supervisor: Engr. Haris Zikrur Rehman
Co-Supervisor: Engr. Anas Bin Iftikhar

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