Session on “7 Emerging Technologies Disrupting Our Future and Career Planning”

The exploding growth of technology has shifted the dynamics of the world. The imminent technologies have put every resource, all the information, on the tips of our fingers. As the future is in the hands of our youth, it is crucial for them to equip themselves with the upcoming technologies. To cater this need, on 1st April 2021, DHA Suffa University took an initiative to discuss such technologies and their impact on future career opportunities.

Mr. Hassan Syed, CEO of Bir Ventures USA and the founder of IdeaGist was invited to have an edifying conversation on “7 Emerging Technologies Disrupting Our Future and Career Planning”. Mr. Hassan is also one of the founding directors of the Institute for Innovators and Entrepreneurs at Hamline University Minnesota. Further, he sits in the advisory committee for the Minister of Information Technology and Telecom on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Emerging Technologies. Last but not least, he is part of the President’s National Committee on the Emerging Technologies under the Digital Pakistan Initiative.

Hassan expressed that the communities worldwide are about to face major job losses due to automation and emerging technologies like AI, 3D Printing, Smart Robots, and Intelligent Vehicles. Without proper planning to retrain and develop capacity, it will be chaotic. Many communities will be facing the devastating financial and social impact of these changes. He emphasized in the ability to think or recognize the future by looking at this change. Further, Hassan accentuated that the youth must explore and be aware of their competencies as the world is evolving rapidly.

In this event, the students gained knowledge about how the world has shifted from industrial age to a knowledge age, how the world economies are changing via the emerging technologies and how the world is having technological advancement hence how significant for an individual it is to be aware of their leadership and entrepreneurial qualities to survive and thrive in this age. The highlight of this event was the interactive sessions with the students where the students were able to take part in short activities to push their limitations and overcome their self-limiting beliefs.

Concluding the event, Engr. Prof. Dr. Afzal Haque, Vice-Chancellor of DHA Suffa University, presented a vote of thanks to the speaker. He stated that there’s no doubt that emerging technologies are becoming increasingly pertinent in businesses and they are geared towards making our lives more comfortable, easier, better, and faster. The phenomenal growth in technologies is so rapid, that it is envisioned that they will change the world in the years ahead. This makes it increasingly important for youth to be equipped with these modern trends to prepare them for the future business world. Dr. Afzal also presented a souvenir to Hasan Syed as a gesture of appreciation for taking time out for the students and the University.