Assertiveness & Criticism in Professional and Personal Life – Session by Ms. Farah Sadiq Khan

Under the supervision of Ms. Tehseen Azhar- Director of Alumni Relations & Senior Lecturer MS, a guest speaker session was conducted by Ms. Farah Sadiq Khan – Head of Marketing and Creative Services – BoloBlast Marketing Pvt. Ltd. on ‘Assertiveness & Criticism in Professional and Personal Life’. The session took place at DSU’s Executive Lecture Theatre (ELT) on Friday, 20th May 2022, for the students of the Professional Development course (BBA VII). Ms. Farah Sadiq Khan has 8+ years of industry experience with proven expertise in Team leadership, People Management and staff training & development, among others.

She gave students real-life examples of how assertiveness maintains the right balance in Personal and Professional life. She then explained criticism and its types in detail, with examples of how they can convert it for their positive development and growth. During the Q/A session, she gave her valuable insights regarding when and how to be assertive in certain situations in their professional life.

At the end of this valuable session, Ms. Tehseen Azhar presented a memento to Ms. Farah Sadiq Khan on behalf of DSU as a token of thanks.