Awareness Seminars on Quality Assurance for HSS Students

The Quality Enhancement Cell at DHA Suffa University is dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of education and administrative processes. As part of its ongoing efforts to maintain high standards in academia, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) recently organized two seminars on Internal Quality Assessment Mechanisms.

The seminars were conducted by Ms. Fatima Kiran, who serves as the QEC Coordinator HSS. The seminars delved into various aspects of quality assessment, including:

  • Understanding HEC’s Self-Assessment Criteria: Participants gained insights into the criteria set by the HEC for self-assessment purposes.
  • Ranking Criteria and Maximum Scores: The session covered the criteria used for ranking academic programs and the maximum scores assigned to each criterion by HEC.
  • Self-Assessment of Programs: Students were briefed about process of self-assessing academic programs to ensure that all programs meet the required quality standards.
  • Feedback and Survey Forms: Participants learned about the significance of feedback and survey forms in gathering valuable input for program improvement.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): The concept of Continuous Quality Improvement was explored, emphasizing its role in ongoing enhancements to the educational experience.
  • Assessment Outcomes: The session provided insights into how assessments contribute to overall program improvement.

Towards the end of the seminars, students were encouraged to ask questions, fostering an open and interactive learning environment. These seminars aimed to empower students with a deeper understanding of quality assessment processes at DSU and their vital role in maintaining high educational standards.

The seminars were conducted as per the schedule given below:

1Student Awareness Seminar- I (BS Psychology)10th January 2024
2Student Awareness Seminar-II (BS English and BS International Relations)11th January 2024