Career Expo 2018

DHA Suffa University (DSU) participated in the Educational and Career Expo 2018, held at the Karachi Expo Center. The esteemed Mayor of Karachi Mr. Waseem Akhtar inaugurated the Expo. In his inauguration speech he stressed on the importance of academic activities for the promotion of education. He also noted the vital role of expos in uplifting the development of our city and country. The objective of DHA Suffa University’s participation in this two-day exhibition was to create awareness regarding their programs and admission process.
DSU participated as a platinum partner giving the university a grand presence at the Expo. The university had an impressive display of projects by the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer science department. The display of projects by the students of engineering department and computer science department became a distinguishing factor for the university as none of the other universities had a display like DHA Suffa University. The students of the management science department showcased their talents in the Expo by participating in different competitions. The competitions consisted of declamation, drama and photography. The MS students participated in both English and Urdu declamation and awe inspired the judges and audience with their riveting speeches. On the other hand, the rest of the MS participants captivated the judges and the audience with their thought provoking performance in the drama competition. The participants highlighted the evil of corruption and its repercussions in the Pakistani society with their well-directed drama. Lastly, MS students showed the world to the judges through the lens of their cameras in the photography competition.
The objective of this expo was rigorously achieved by the outstanding performance of the DSU team and faculty members who presented the university with pride. The councilors from DHA Suffa University also became a distinguishing factor for the university by their exceptional performance. The councilors and faculty not only provided the parents and potential students with the information about the programs but they also provided them guidance. The councilors offered guidance to students on their concerns over higher education which no other university present at the expo was doing. The warm and welcoming attitude of the councilors and faculty portrayed a soft image of the university and conveyed the message to the potential students and parents that DSU cares about their students and their future.
All of these activities by DHA Suffa University at the Express Expo got media coverage by different print and broadcast media houses and social media platforms. The media houses included prominent names like Express news and Tribune. These platforms covered all the activities on DSUs booth along with the visit of Mayor Karachi Mr. Waseem Akhtar. The bloggers from different social media platforms took special interest in the project displays and the ideas behind those projects.
Once again the Express Expo created a unique experience for the university and the attendees giving them endless networking opportunities.