CSR Internship Program at DHA Schools

The Community Service and Sustainability Program (CSSP) at DHA Suffa University (DSU) is based on the theme of giving time or talent for the benefit of a community group (not for profit) that has a genuine need for service.  The CSSP is an action program that allows an individual to learn, serve, and transform their lives. While classroom teaching can help students learn about homelessness, extreme cases of poverty and societal problems, social service is the key enabler to make students learn more dynamically. This form of learning is essential for the success of a student’s professional growth. The CSSP plays an important role in invoking a sense of civic responsibility in an individual. To ensure that DSU’s vision of nation building is materialized, the university has made 60 hours of community service a mandatory requirement for undergraduate students of the Management Sciences Department.

In order to fulfil this requirement, the CSSP department at DSU has been providing the Management Sciences students with various platforms, and has collaborated with different organizations such as The Indus Hospital, The Citizen’s Foundation, Dar-ul-Sukun, etc.

As a part of one family, DSU wishes to engage its students in volunteering opportunities in DHA Schools. In this regard, DSU’s CSR department has been working with DHA schools principals, and it was decided that a pilot CSR internship program will be launched in January.

Interviews for the winter social internship program at DHA Schools were held on 12th December 2018 in conference room DSU, by the principals of DHA Schools. A total of 20 candidates were interviewed, out of which 5 were selected for Tooba School and DA School each. Candidates were selected on the basis of their area of interest, English, Math, sports and arts. The volunteering program will start from 14th January till 30th January.