DHA Suffa University (DSU) & SRH University in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in an online ceremony on 5th Aug 2021.  The ceremony was attended by the Rector of SRH University Prof. Dr. Lars Meierling, senior  dignitaries of SRH University including Prof. Dr. Lammerts and Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke, as well as by Prof. Dr. Karl Georg Steffens and Mr. Lutz Fissenewert who played an instrumental role in facilitating this collaboration between DSU and SRH University (Germany).  The scope of the MOU encompasses semester exchange opportunities for DSU’s students, a path-way for DSU’s graduates to pursue postgraduate MS studies at SRH University, as well as the exploration of collaborative avenues for implementation of joint degree programs.  Speaking at the occasion, DSU’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque, DSU’s Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas and Mr. Shahid Zaki , former CEO Philips, said that this MOU will open many avenues for Pakistan’s youth aspiring to pursue higher studies in Germany and embark on professional career paths in the German industry and corporate sector post graduation.  The leadership of SRH University (Germany) expressed eagerness and a strong commitment to work closely with DHA Suffa University for the MOU’s implementation and to make it mutually beneficial for both universities.