DSU’s student visit to Pakistan Stock Exchange

An educational trip was organized by the Management Science Department to the Pakistan Stock Exchange on June 7th for the BBA and BS A&F students. The objective of this trip was to put the financial learning in practical perspective, show students the PSX and its operations and to create awareness about the investment and career paths available in the capital markets. The presentation by the management of PSX shared the investment culture in Pakistan along with the avenues of investments. The data portal of PSX was also shared with the students which would give them a virtual platform to practice their portfolio investment and give them confidence to enter the financial market as an investor. The students also visited the trading floor and interacted with some of the brokers to learn more about trading. It was a very interactive learning experience for all the students and many of their queries were answered and it also helped clear a lot of myths about the financial sector. Such events are the need of the time as they also help bridge the industry academia gap and open up career prospects for the students. At the end of the trip certificates are provided by PSX to students for their participation in the event.