Important points regarding the License Policy of Coursera. Please take note of the following points:

1) If you have been given a license, and you have not enrolled in any course within 15 days, your license will be revoked.
2) If you have been given the license, and you are also enrolled in courses, but you are inactive in courses for the past 15 days, your license will be revoked.
3) It is mandatory to complete a course within a month, failing which your license will be revoked.
4) To retain your license, it is recommended to enroll in a small course of few hours and complete it immediately.
5) In the upcoming week, a few courses will be mandatory for all the license holders to complete.
6) Please note that a few licenses are still available, and registrations will be open until Monday 20th February 2023.
7) You are encouraged to make full use of your licenses. The span of the license is six months if your license is not revoked due to the revocation policy.

We hope that you will adhere to the license policy and make the best use of the opportunity provided by Coursera.

For any queries please contact Ms. Raazia Sosan (, HEC Focal Person Coursera