HEC All Pakistan Universities Badminton Championship 2023-24

Great News!

After 25 years, the badminton trophy of the HEC All Pakistan Universities Championship has returned to Sindh in 2024, and the credit for this remarkable achievement goes to DHA Suffa University.”

The DSU Director of Sports must be thrilled to announce that Mr. Abdullah Siddiqui, a DSU student from the ME Department, has become the All Pakistan HEC Badminton (Men) 2024 champion. What an outstanding achievement! Congratulations to Mr. Abdullah Siddiqui and the entire DHA Suffa University community for this remarkable success. It’s a testament to the talent and dedication within the Suffa University. Well done! 🏸

In the semifinal match against Superior University Lahore, Abdullah Siddiqui demonstrated exceptional skills and determination, beating the opponent in straight sets. His outstanding performance secured his place in the final.

The final match, a showdown between the University of Central Punjab (UCP) and DHA Suffa University, witnessed Abdullah Siddiqui facing off against Aashan Tanveer. Abdullah Siddiqui displayed remarkable sportsmanship and skill, defeating Ashan Tanveer in straight sets. This victory marks a significant achievement for DHA Suffa University, bringing the championship trophy back to Sindh after 25 years.

Once again, congratulations to Abdullah Siddiqui and the entire team for their hard work and dedication. This victory is a testament to the talent and excellence that DHA Suffa University fosters among its DSU students. It’s a proud moment for the DHA Suffa University,, showcasing the remarkable achievements that result from their commitment to excellence. Well done to Abdullah Siddiqui and the entire DSU team! 🏸🏆👏