Mr. Shabbir Halai’s Talk

Mr. Shabbir Halai, a Pakistani American Engineering professional having widespread experience of working in the Microelectronics industry in USA and Canada, gave a talk to DSU’s Electrical Engineering students on 8th-Jan-2020 in DSU’s Executive Lecture Theatre. In his talk he shared his experiences and lessons learned in the fields of Engineering, Business Development and Entrepreneurship. He advised engineering students on the importance of detailed and comprehensive design practices during the design phase of a microelectronic chip and the need to simulate as well as emulate as design engineers prior to finalizing the design.  He also stressed on the need for design engineers to effectively communicate with the end consumer during the product design phase, to truly understand the customer’s needs and incorporate them in the product’s design.  On the whole, the talk was extremely beneficial for mid-semester EE students, some of whom will be choosing Electronics as a specialization stream at DSU in their final year. Mr. Shabbir Halai’s lecture also had valuable tips for engineering students considering entrepreneurial ventures after graduation.