QEC Training Session for Preparing an Effective SAR

QEC arranged this year’s PT members’ training on 1st December 2023 for preparing effective Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) as per the guidelines of the HEC. Nominated Program Team (PT) members of selected undergraduate and graduate programs participated in this training conducted by Prof. Dr. Johar Khurshid Farooqi (Director QEC) and Mr. Zahid Hussain (Deputy Director QEC).

The training commenced with a briefing on the role of quality assurance, the HEC-prescribed QA mechanism, and the layout of the generic Self-Assessment Report. This also included an in-depth discussion on the SAR’s objectives and details about its various components. They were also given an overview of the previous year’s Self-Assessment cycle to appreciate the significance of their role within the QA cycle and follow it with more vigor and diligence. While explaining Standards 1 to 8, participants were explained how to accurately deal with each Standard by explaining its intent and requirements. The session was interactive, encouraging the PT members to seek clarifications to understand the core process of preparing SARs.