Session on “How to build a Career in Tech” by Mr. Ahmed Ayub, Co-Founder at Airlift

Google Developer Student Club at DHA Suffa University in collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development organized a session on How to build a career in tech specifically for Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Data Science students.

Where the Chief Guest and speaker Ahmed Ayub joined us. The Co-Founder at Airlift, which is a Pakistani-based tech startup operating in logistics and quick commerce. The company was launched in 2019 as a decentralized urban mass transit startup that allowed customers to book fixed-rate rides on buses and vans on their network fleet. In 2020, Airlift diversified into last-mile delivery through Airlift Express, delivering essential households in 30 minutes across nine cities in Pakistan, and has also expanded in South Africa delivering food supplies, households supplies, pharmacy, and more.

On this mission to enable self-empowerment in the region, Airlift raised USD 110m+ in venture financing. The session was focused on helping students understand the journey of a Software engineer in the corporate tech industry vs a startup. The Story of first made in Pakistan tech company airlift was also emphasized proving the khudi philosophy of Iqbal to build our products for ourselves first, so we dont have to import all the goods but become exporters of our tech product to the world, where the session was joined by Faculty Advisor Eram Abbasi and the distinguished Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas where he emphasized skill-based learning to students and become job providers of the future and appreciated the efforts of the core team of GDSC and CEID department for organizing the session.

If you are a recent graduate and are looking to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, apply to be part of Airlift’s expansive technology division or explore Airlift broader openings at