DSU’s Alumni Relations Department collaborated with its Corporate Partner Scuba Club to arrange a one-day ‘Snorkeling Trip to Arabian Rocks’ for the DSU Fraternity. The trip took place on 18th September 2021 and proved to be a great success based on the post-trip feedback from the participants.

This one-day excursion provided a refreshing break from study and work for many and aided in uniting and strengthening the DSU network. Thirty-four participants consisting of DSU Alumni, Students and Faculty, went on this adventurous trip where they enjoyed trekking, snorkeling, cliff jumping, underwater photography and much more.

From DSU to Mubarak Village, Mubarak Village to Arabian Rocks, and back to DSU, the participants were pleased about how well organized the trip was. They valued the efforts of DSU’s Alumni Relations Department and Scuba Club for arranging a safe and secure environment where they were able to enjoy and connect with their fellow DSU fraternity members.