Trip to Gorakh Hill Station

DSU Alumni Relations Department has always been keen on building relationships with alumni for their life-long development through the DSU network. To strengthen this bond, the Alumni Relations Department arranged a two day trip to the Gorakh Hills Station. The trip took place on January 12th and 13th, 2019, and proved to be a great success due to the enthusiastic input and feedback received both from the participant students and alumni. The two-day excursion was not only a work-break for many, but also served the purpose of uniting and strengthening the DSU network. Situated at an elevation in the Kirthar Mountains of Dadu city, Gorakh Hills station, also known as the Murree of Sindh, provides scenic and mesmeric views of dawns and dusks, and captivate its admirers at night through the luminous-bright stars that lit the sky. All twenty-one participants of this adventurous trip enjoyed rolling on jeeps to the hilltop, the scenic views, the bonfires, folk musical night, and cold and chilly breeze of the Gorakh Hills. From Wahi Pandi to Gorakh, from Gorakh to Sehwan, and from the tomb of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar to back to Karachi; the participants of this trip rejoiced and appreciated the efforts of DHA Suffa University Alumni Relations and DHA Suffa University for arranging a safe and secure environment and for providing a great opportunity for the alumni to connect, relive, and wallow in nostalgia of their DHA Suffa University life.