Unlock Your Potential with CSWA SolidWorks Certification at DHA Suffa University!

Dear Students, Trainees & Professionals,

We are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary opportunity brought to you by the DICE Automotive CAE Center of Excellence (DACCE) of Mechanical Engineering Department, DHA Suffa University (DSU). DACCE is delighted to announce that we are now providing CSWA SolidWorks training and certification exams conveniently on campus.

What’s in it for you?

Globally Recognized: The CSWA SolidWorks certification holds immense value across industries worldwide, making you stand out from the competition.

Enhanced Career Prospects: Prove your expertise in 3D modeling and design, impressing potential employers with your industry-recognized skills.

Comprehensive Training: Our expert-led training program equips you with hands-on experience and real-world knowledge, preparing you for success.

Certification Exams we are offering:

  1. Associate – Mechanical Design (CSWA)
  2. Associate – Electrical (CSWA-E)
  3. Associate – Additive Manufacturing (CSWA-AM)
  4. Associate – Simulation (CSWA-S)
  5. Associate – Sustainability (CSWA-SD)
  6. Professional – Mechanical Design (CSWP)
  7. Professional – CAM (CSWP-CAM)
  8. Professional – Simulation (CSWP-S)
  9. Professional – Flow Simulation (CSWP-FLOW)
  10. Professional – MBD (CSWP-MBD)
  11. Professional Advanced – Drawing Tools (CSWPA-DT)
  12. Professional Advanced – Mold Making (CSWPA-MM)
  13. Professional Advanced – Sheet Metal (CSWPA-SM)
  14. Professional Advanced – Surfacing (CSWPA-SU)
  15. Professional Advanced – Weldments (CSWPA-WD)

Don’t miss this opportunity to excel in the world of 3D modeling and design! Enroll now and take the first step towards a rewarding future.

Ready to seize your moment? Let’s make it happen together!

DICE Automotive CAE Center of Excellence (DACCE)

Mechanical Engineering Department

DHA Suffa University