Workshop on Smart Grid Technology – January 15, 2022

DHA Suffa University’s Department of Electrical Engineering and DSU’s IERC (Intl Education Resource Center) & PDC (Professional Development Center) organized a Workshop on Smart Grid technology on 15th Jan 2022 (Saturday) in DSU’s ELT, which was attended by Senior Executives  and Managers of Karachi Electric (KE).  The Guest speaker & trainer of the workshop was Prof. Dr. Tariq Masood who is the Vice President of Technical Operations at an Energy Utility company in USA and who is highly accomplished in the field of Smart Grids & Electrical power networks, holding a PhD from the University of Bath (UK).  During the workshop the guest speaker apprised participants from KE of the challenges and opportunities associated with Smart Grids, as well as the need for increased automation in the Power Grid and ensuring preventive maintenance of Power Grid assets. The workshop concluded with a group photo of the trainees with the Guest speaker.