1st Meeting of the ORIC Steering Committee

ORIC-DSU arranged its first steering committee meeting on 22nd March 2023 at the conference room. The progress of ORIC made over the last 6 months was presented to the steering committee and improvements were proposed by the experts to the policies under development by ORIC-DSU. Dr. Ahmad Hussain presented the activities conducted by ORIC and the Honorable PVC Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas chaired the meeting. Engr. Syed Muhammad Khubaib presented proposed 5 year plan to the committee and the committee discussed the improvements to be made in the plan. The committee also highlighted the thematic areas such as Energy, water, agriculture and waste management towards which the ORIC should focus on. The members in attendance were: Director PITP Dr. Arlan Siddiqui, CEO Rastek Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani, Maheen Salman Senior Vice President KATI, Executive Director Hazza Institute of Technology Tahir Mehmood Chaudhry, Dean MSS Dr. Bashir Ahmed, DEAN EAS Dr. Ahmad Hussain, Engr. Wajahat Rasool and Engr. S. M. Khubaib