Anger Management Session – 11th April, 2023

Under the supervision of Ms. Tehseen Azhar- Director of Alumni Relations & Senior Lecturer MS, a guest speaker session was conducted by Sidra Mahmood Jafri, HR Professional, Learning and OD Expert on ‘Anger Management.’ The session was conducted at DSU’s Executive Lecture Theatre (ELT) on Tuesday, 11th April 2023, for the Personal Development & Self-Management course (BBA III).

Ms. Sidra Mahmood Jafri is a Learning & Organization Development Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, & Moderator. She headed the People Development space for different companies in Pakistan and has trained over 4000+ Merchandisers & Brand Ambassadors of various top brands in Pakistan. She has facilitated various training ventures for big brands and conducted soft skills sessions for 5000 Youth, 500 Police officials, 400 Youthful Offenders at Central Jail, 300 teachers, Govt. officials, and employees of several local and international companies in multiple cities of Pakistan & UAE.

She ensured learning through various activities to make the students understand the root causes of anger and how they can convert their anger into positive development and growth. She kept the students engaged throughout the session by putting them in real-life scenarios and demonstrating various techniques to overcome their anger.

At the end of this highly interactive session, Ms. Tehseen Azhar presented a memento as a token of thanks to Ms. Sidra Mahmood Jafri on behalf of DSU.