Anti-Corruption Day Competitions

DHA Suffa University organized an “Anti-Corruption Day” on 16th November 2020, for its students by the efforts of DSU’s Character Building society. This event provided a platform for the students to raise their voice against corruption through speeches, essays and posters.

Many students of DSU’s different departments took part in this competition. It was an important event because it gave the students an opportunity to share their thoughts and speak up about this critical issue of our country. Character building society gave them a platform to present their ideas and recommendations in a very effective way and the event was successfully conducted because of the teamwork of the students.

The first module of the competition was for speech, then essay and the last one was for Poster / painting; all of these modules highlighted the negative impact of corruption in our society. After the completion of each module, the judges presented their general ideas and gave valuable suggestions to the students. Vice Chancellor Engr. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque was the chief guest of this event. The encouraging words of the VC, the suggestions of the judges as well as the support of the SSCC department played a vital role in making this event a success. In the end of the event, shields and certificates were presented by the VC to those students who showed outstanding performance in this competition.