DHA Suffa University Conducts Self-Review of MS / PhD Programs

Self-Review of MS / PhD programs offered by the Department of Computer Science at DHA Suffa University was conducted on 18th March 2021 with the objective to ascertain whether MS / PhD programs offered by the department meet their educational objectives and outcomes as per HEC’s criteria. The Review Panel comprised of Dr. Salman Zaffar (HoD Electrical Engineering, Convener), Dr. Usama Siddiqui (Assistant Professor, Member), Dr. Imtiaz Hussain (Director QEC, Member) and Ms. Ayesha Mahmood (ADQEC, Member).

The panel reviewed the Program Proforma, Program Files, Faculty Files and Students’ Files as per HEC’s Checklist and found them to be in order. The panel also conducted a question-and-answer session with the PhD students enrolled in the program. The panel appreciated the efforts of the department in maintaining and enhancing the culture of quality at DHA Suffa University.

DHA Suffa University is committed to adhere to the guidelines of HEC and the regulatory bodies and regularly conducts self-assessment activities to enhance the quality of its programs.